Goodnight beautiful bird

While out for a walk the other day, I came across an injured pigeon that looked to have been clipped by a car and was left injured on the pavement at the side of the road.

The pigeon was still breathing and although injured I didn’t really know how bad his injuries were, but I held on to hope that he would survive. I tried to move his wing so that he was more comfortable and started stroking his head so that he knew he wasn’t alone, that I was trying to help him.

As I continued to stroke him, a car approached to get to a neighbouring house and stopped at the foot of the drive to talk to us. When he asked what I was doing, and I explained, he wasn’t concerned and told me that if I left the pigeon, a fox would eat it. I returned the conversation by saying I was trying to save the injured bird and why would I just leave it, but my comment was ignored as he continued to drive into his garden.

His wife followed behind him in her car and drove into their garden. She got out the car, looked over at me bemused and then walked into her house, following her husband in. I couldn’t quite believe it.

I continued to stroke and talk to the pigeon, explaining that I must be his guardian angel, being there to help him in that moment. After laying for what seemed a good while later, the pigeon tried desperately to raise his head off the ground, his head then fell, his eyes closed and his skin went a shade of blue and I knew he was gone.

Although I felt bad that I couldn’t save him, I know I was supposed to be there to help. As for the couple who stopped, there are simply no words to describe their attitude. This is not a world I even want to recognise. We need to do better. We must want to help animals and people where we can.

It bothered me that the pigeon’s life wasn’t important to them. What’s sorely lacking is our ability to care in a way that benefits everyone, including animals. We have to want to do better.

Picking up this beautiful bird in a towel, we headed home where he was laid to rest in the back garden around his fellow birds who often come to visit.

6 Jun, 2018

6 thoughts on “Goodnight beautiful bird

  1. You did the right thing and it’s a shame on the people who just stood there with no compassion or respect. It’s a sad indictment of the world we live in.

    1. Thank you. Yes, it is a sad indictment of the world we live in. I fear that if we continue in this way, future generations will struggle to live, let alone have things like compassion, respect, empathy and tolerance.

      We need to make this world a better place for future generations once we’re gone but with self-absorbed attitudes, neglect and abuse thrown into the equation, we’re destroying our world’s natural habit.

      We occupy nature’s natural habit and yet we fail to care for them. Animals need our voice and we need to care.

  2. This speaks volumes about the kind of world we seem to be living in today, where apathy and indifference are becoming the norm.

    I get to see it all the time, since I live in a state with a lot of wildlife that isn’t often successful at making it across the road safely.

    It wouldn’t be quite so bad if someone would stop, to at least move the poor animal to the side of the road instead of people continuing to run it over.

    This was my first thought a couple of years ago, when I saw a poor cat in the road and knew it was the least I could do, even though I didn’t have the time to do much else.

    It is just so very sad that people place such little value on life and the beauty that is out there and the world around us.

    1. Yes, thanks Randy. Your last paragraph sums up your response nicely; exactly

      ‘It is sad that some people place such little value on life and the beauty that is out there and the world around us.’ There are people who don’t think about or care, as my blog shows, sadly.

      But there are also good people in the world who do work exclusively to help save abused and abandoned animals.

      We mustn’t become complacent and must do what we can to help those less privileged including animals.

  3. Good morning mindful lady! You were obviously born for moments like that, empathy and compassion naturally. What you did was a big meal for your soul and a big deal for humanity.

    So many eyes are watching you and smiling.

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