Greener Grass

When I look back at what my grandparents had, my generation had more, but in comparison to my children’s generation, as a child, I see now that I had very little.

Our grandparents lived the simple life without the lifestyle, or opportunities. I was lucky to have a better lifestyle in comparison, but had no opportunities. When I look at society now, I see a different world.

Because of technology, lifestyles have become transformed. People have choices now. We can move and work abroad if we choose and still keep in touch. We can travel, or we can choose to stay where we are. We can speak to family and friends anywhere in the world through the touch of a button.

But having too much can bring other problems. We may not always happy with what we have. We may lose sight very quickly and can’t settle on what we have, because we may sometimes want bigger and better things. We may look at what others have and want what they have and as a result we may become disgruntled with ourselves and with our lives.

We may buy into the belief that when we have something different or we are able to live a different life, we should feel and be happier, but that can never work. It merely adds to our stress. However we think, the grass is never greener, it just seems like it.

We need to perceive our lives differently to have more peace in it. My advice would always be to make ourselves better first, then we may make our choice.

24 Aug, 2012

4 thoughts on “Greener Grass

  1. I think the grass was greener when my grandparents and my parents were young.

    I would have loved living during those time periods. Things seemed simpler; less stressful and it was much simpler when I was little growing up.

    We would get together with our friends and families and just socialize.

    We would cook out, make homemade ice cream and even go on vacation with friends and family. I think those were the good ole’ days.

    1. I agree with you.

      I think society as a whole is very different today. Our children’s lives seem more complicated and couple that with their needs or wants, makes everything so different, but not in a good way.

      I loved the simplicity of those times without a care or a need in the world.

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