Happy, relaxed and calm

People with happy dispositions may have periods of low moods, disappointments and problems, in the same way people who have unhappy dispositions may. The only difference is that happy people should adapt more easily, and their disappointments and low moods should be dealt with more swiftly.

Happy people have a relaxed and calm demeanour about them, regardless of what they deal with. They are more content in themselves and know to take the rough with the smooth. They’re ready for what comes their way.

They are aware of how they feel. They take things in their stride and accept the inevitable. They tend not to panic and know that as their low moods come, they will go. They are more accepting of their feelings and aren’t particularly fazed by what they deal with. They get on to put their world right.

But we need to be content and happy within ourselves. We can work at being happy. Our experiences are etched on our souls, so if our souls are tormented, we may never be happy.

We may work on change. Our beliefs and experiences shape our ability to stay focused and calm. Our experiences in turn shape our personality and our ability to deal with issues with some ease.

It is important not to fight our feelings and accept we have them. Feelings are there for a reason. It is important to acknowledge they are there and learn to go with the flow, because that helps us become calm and at ease.

26 Feb, 2012

4 thoughts on “Happy, relaxed and calm

  1. I don’t have much time to have a low mood. I stay fairly busy, but when I am in a low mood I usually stay there until something comes along to bring me out of it.

    I’m so used to staying busy all the time. May be that’s just my way of dealing with things unpleasant.

    1. I agree with you. I believe we stay busy, avoid the moods so we don’t have to deal with as you say ‘things unpleasant.’ That way we get to put off what we should really be dealing with.

      The idea is that we learn to introduce a more relaxed, calm and happy state, regardless of what we’re dealing with. We will always have things to deal with, that is a given, but it’s how we perceive what we have to deal with, that brings about our happy state.

  2. I’m trying to be happy, relaxed and calm but life somehow manages to throw me a curve ball every now again and that’s when I get stressed.

    I am way better at coping with that nowadays.

    1. I’m pleased you are.

      If we can’t get to that stage where we automatically know what makes us happy then we’re lucky; but otherwise it’s always good to have coping strategies so that we can cope with at least trying to be happy.

      As you say, given what we sometimes have to deal with that’s not always easy.

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