Having the last word

How many of you know someone who no matter what you say, they always have to have the last word?

It doesn’t matter what they talk about, what the subject is, they need to say one more thing regardless of what you say. Some children tend to want to have the last word but there are many adults who generally do the same thing. It’s almost something we’ve come to expect.

Having the last word is a habit. It’s also an environmental and cultural problem, cultures where there is a patriarch, but when it comes to family we usually know them well enough to know whom we’re up against. When we choose to give the other person the last word we stop the conversation in its tracks.

It also takes the heat out of what could turn into a battleground. They tend to have an opinion on almost everything and won’t stop at anything until they’ve had the last word. There is, however, no intrinsic value to it. When we accept that is has no value we begin to see things in a more positive light.

When we choose not to have the last word we take away the stress associated with us having to have the last word, to get the other person to see that we’re right. It also doesn’t put anyone who feels they need to have the last word in a good light.

Perhaps this is about our self-importance, being self-righteous. Letting someone have the last word doesn’t mean what we’re saying isn’t true. I’m also not sure why we always feel the need to prove to others what we believe is true.

As long as we know what we’re saying is true that’s all that matters.

27 Aug, 2011

6 thoughts on “Having the last word

    1. It’s important to be able to let someone else have the last word and let what they say go.

      You’re right Lisa, it’s not worth the stress.

  1. My father is usually like this, but I ignore him sometimes so I can see why he would want to have the last word.

    1. You know how to handle your father and that’s what counts Randy.

      I believe that what matters is what you think, not whether your father has the last word or not. The last word is unimportant.

  2. Sometimes letting someone else have the last word really is the right thing to do, especially if that person ‘is that way inclined’ and difficult to deal with. I’m sure we all know people like that!

    It takes a strong person to walk away but i agree completely that it isn’t necessary to prove to someone that they are wrong and you are right. That’s not what it is about.

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