Having to prove oneself

We spend a life time believing we have to make our parents proud, to have their approval, to prove to them that we’re capable of achieving great things, but seriously, how many of us constantly go out of our way to prove to our parents that we’re capable? Perhaps it’s based on the things that aren’t said.

Is it just parents that make us feel like this?

When I was growing up in the 60’s, there wasn’t a lot of encouragement in school, quite the opposite in fact. Anyone with a learning difficulty, such as Dyslexia, were considered stupid. For children like me, who just didn’t get school, we were left behind whilst the rest of the class got on.

I was listening to the news whilst waiting for Claudia when a very well known celebrity was talking about her own story about being written off by a Drama Teacher in college, being told she would never amount to anything. Through sheer determination she silenced her critic for writing her off and went on to become one of the world’s best loved actress.

And whilst we constantly feel the need to continue to prove our worth, isn’t it time that society change their attitude too? If parents got it completely right, society would have to do the same. Sooner or later our children and our children’s children will find themselves like we are now, meeting the same kind of obstacles.

This is clearly something that needs to change, because it’s right and equal opportunities for all and for the sake of our sanity. We all have something to give, as my site has proved.

10 Feb, 2011

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