Helping us through Change

Living with a disability where I am more mentally and emotionally disabled than physically is difficult as I adjust through the pandemic.

Change is scary. I wouldn’t belittle anyone feeling scared, or who carries anxiety, but without a disability you have the ability to rationale your thoughts and being able to do that cuts down on  anxiety and how scared you feel.

Where there is no end to the change, it is easy for me to feel stressed and anxious. Just going out of the house can make me feel stressed as I struggle to adjust around the virus. I am less mentally and emotionally prepared in these times, when social changes are forced upon us.

Learning difficulties can affect all areas of change so it is not surprising change can produce anxiety and stress for those of us who deal with a disability. It is important others are aware and understand what we go through, understand the neurological basis for our difficulties in adjusting to change and helping us through those times.

It is easy for me to shift from one emotion to the next, made worse because I struggle to regulate impulsive and bad thoughts around my mental and emotional disability. I still struggle to get my head around that.

21 Oct, 2020

2 thoughts on “Helping us through Change

  1. Change didn’t bother me when I was young, fresh and healthy. But as I got older it became problematic, as change separated me from my loved one’s. Change can be incredibly cruel on the surface.

    But when I look at the bigger picture, change is surprisingly wise, as hard as that is for me to say.

    1. Thanks Tim. I’ve never thought of change as wise, but come to think about it you’re right. I agree with you.

      I also think it’s necessary for emotional and spiritual growth. Without change we will stagnate and learn nothing. When you emotionally and spiritually grow, you change your life, you also change other people’s lives.

      You become more enlightened and the cycle continues.

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