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Some people will be fortunate to go on holiday and take very little with them. They travel light, only taking the minimum with them.

Unfortunately for me, when I go on holiday I have to take my life with me. The supplements I take at home, I take on holiday too. I would love to give myself a bit of slack, so that if I didn’t take a remedy I wouldn’t get ill, but my life isn’t governed that way.

Without my supplements I struggle, but with supplements I fair better. I have no choice but to take my life with me wherever I go and even then I have no guarantees. I’m prone to illness that seems to be my life.

27 Mar, 2014

4 thoughts on “Home from home

  1. I am the same way. Now it’s even more true for me, because whenever we go somewhere I not only have my meds to take, but I have my son’s to take also.

    It also takes me weeks to plan a vacation. I usually have what I call a “staging” area where I lay out the luggage and my list and then I gather everything and double check everything before I pack it. We haven’t been on a vacation since 2009 and that was just for my husband and me. If we ever get to go on a vacation now it will be double the work.

    Just to go on an over night trip to take our son to a doctor’s appointment that is more than 4 hours away to see a specialist, it’s an undertaking just to pack everything. Fortunately we are slowly getting rid of some equipment that he doesn’t need anymore.

    The doctor just took him off the emergency oxygen, so we have no more oxygen tanks to carry and last year we got to take him off the Bi-pap machine because his sleep apnea has resolved.

    I still have all the meds to plan around and pack though for him and me.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I can resonate with you. Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth the struggle, but having managed a short break last weekend, I know it was definitely worth the struggle.

      Of course there are times when we really have no choice; doctors appointments are a necessity. Eventually it becomes the norm, a way of life.

      We just have to get on with it. I feel for both of us Lisa.

  2. Sometimes we have to sacrifice one thing in order to achieve another.

    You’re are unfortunately tied to supplements etc, in order to function properly and it would be nice if that was not the case, but it is. You managed a short break and that in itself is a great achievement, so well done.

    1. I agree with you that we often have to make sacrifices and as my case has proved this is the case.

      The short break was well worth the effort. Taking my supplements with wasn’t the biggest problem I had, but getting ill was. As you say, managing the short break was a great achievement for me.

      It takes strength of character for anyone to push themselves, particularly when they know there is an element of struggle the other end. Not easy to do, but often worth the effort when we come out with a new experience.

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