How my blogs work

I use reflection to think about everything, even when it comes to my blogs on my website, because that helps me decide what I need to write about in that moment.

Being let loose on my website took some working out. Had I have known what I was letting myself in for I probably wouldn’t have started it. It would have felt too daunting, but I’m so glad I did.

In the early days, I didn’t know what I was doing, let alone what I was going to write about, or how long I’d be able to continue to keep the site going, or my writing.

It also took me a while to get my head around the various site categories and how those worked, but I felt it important I found the right balance on blog topics, through the various categories, so I wasn’t writing about myself all the time.

Although my Exercise, Diet and Nutrition and Healthy Recipe blogs aren’t as popular as my more personal blogs, they make up the complete holistic approach to my website that continues to incorporate The CP Diary as a lifestyle blog.

My blogs and my website show us how to live our lives, how to deal with our lives, how to deal with our issues and how we can move forward with our lives. Over the years, my website is a lifestyle blog. I wouldn’t be without it.

16 Jun, 2017

6 thoughts on “How my blogs work

  1. All I know is, that to those of us like me who don’t know what it takes to run your site, we just benefit from you talking about your experiences in the way you do.

    However you do it, know you are helping a lot of people understand how to live their lives and live it better through all of your blogs.

  2. The fact is, the CP Diary has formed a tight formation around my well being. So much so, that I’ve overhauled my attitude just by reading your blogs everyday.

    So how does the CP Diary work? Well, you have peeled away my shell so that I can become my best, mindful self.

    1. Thanks Tim. I’m so pleased Tim that my blogs make a difference.

      I set my blog up to make a difference for me to come to terms with my own issues growing up and your comments really validate what my blog aims to achieve.

      I know how it has helped change my attitude too.

  3. They work because you speak the truth and don’t candy coat it like so many others do in this day and age. Pretty sure that both of us grew up in a time when they didn’t worry about hurting our feelings.

    It feels kind of like an oxymoron, seeing as they didn’t really talk about the important things either, like your Cerebral Palsy or my mental health issues.

    You have definitely set a very good example for me, considering I haven’t ever really had my own voice and a blog would be a great way to do it.

    This is exactly why I try to be so encouraging and supportive, since your website is so very important to me. There were so many life skills that no one ever taught me, so I say keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you Randy. Anyone can own my blogs and my experiences and that is why my blog works. You have your voice Randy. We all have a voice.

      We all take understanding from my experiences and that enable us to come back to support and help others too. My blog isn’t just about me or for me. I am pleased what I write, resonates with your own experiences.

      I am genuinely pleased that we all get something from my blogs. It doesn’t matter that we have different experiences, I believe it’s the emotional scars from our experiences that bring us altogether.

      We can resonate and support each other and that helps us function more comfortably in our own lives better.

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