How the Universe works

The universe is instrumental in all our lives, but it is something we must understand if we are to have access and use it successfully.

I could never have imagined as a child the success I would have through diagnosis of my disability at the age of 46. My writing has changed my life. I could also never have imagined being a writer, blogger and author, but the universe had other ideas. It had carved out my life, waiting for me to mentally and emotionally catch up.

We can observe its teachings, but first we must explore what goes on inside our mind, to have access. Failing to do that means our truths, how we want our lives to go, will always remain at a distance.

How does the universe work? To have access to the universe all starts with your thoughts. What you intend, is what you will create. You must train your mind to consciously choose your thoughts, the thoughts you focus on will show up more in your life. If you continually focus on your challenges positively, you will have an abundance of challenges that will become positive.

When we continually think about things in abundance and with a greater passion, the greater the abundance we will create in that area. Abundance is attracted to us, based on how we feel, so the more positive the thoughts, the more positive the outcome.

It is not our circumstances that cause the feeling; it is our thoughts that create the feeling; but it is our attitude that lets us down. We have the power to choose. From an early age, unconsciously I had already decided I wasn’t prepared to give up. I never gave up hope, my thoughts remained steadfast throughout my childhood.

When we think a certain way, we begin to feel a certain way. Focus your thoughts on what is, and you will create more of those. Choose to focus your thoughts on what could be, and you open your mind and heart to amazing possibilities.

So, instead of spending more time choosing what you want to buy or wear, think about the people you connect with and how they feel. All it takes is one thought to create a string of continuous thoughts and that creates the feeling you desire.

21 Oct, 2019

2 thoughts on “How the Universe works

  1. What a loaded question, since how the universe works has always been a great mystery to me. Life definitely hasn’t seemed fair, but when you grow up living on the ‘dark side,’ everything seems to be geared towards the negative.

    I have watched so many good things happen to very bad people and so many bad things happen to such good people, that it’s no wonder I am always very confused.

    I do have to say that connecting with you and reading your blogs has been such a lifesaver and a game changer for me. You have shown me how to be positive and overcome whatever obstacles may be in my way.

    I am so very glad that the universe allowed us to connect and to hope that I can actually meet you some day so I can thank you in person for what you’ve done for me.

    1. Thanks Randy and for your compliment on what my blogs do for you. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

      Yes, me too. I believe things happen for a reason, us connecting with each other was meant to be. If you remember we met through your daughter having cerebral palsy too, some 11 years ago.

      It’s lovely that we get to support one another. I would absolutely also love to meet you one day Randy. I’ll look forward to that.

      We’ve both come a long way since the early days. Keep up the good work on yourself.

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