How to feel happy

There is a misconception about being happy. Being happy isn’t about making other people happy. We don’t just become happy, because we make other people happy.

Being happy is a state of mind. Being happy isn’t about others accepting us. We need to accept ourselves first, before we can even think about feeling happy. To be happy is a soulful journey. Happiness starts with the soul. We must understand our lives; our experiences, understand our baggage, our disappointments, as well as our trials and triumphs.

Start from the inside and work outwards. Learn to love who you are and what you have become, because that’s where happiness begins. What you add from there, continues to add to how you feel about yourself.

26 Aug, 2015

4 thoughts on “How to feel happy

  1. I struggle with being in a happy mood often. Every day stress and frustrations of living with a disability are big factors as to why I struggle.

    I do agree we can’t depend on others to be happy, that’s a mistake we make.

    1. Having something like Cerebral Palsy will make it more difficult for us to be happy; of course we will have our down days, but having the support will make a difference as to how we cope.

      If we cope better, we’ll have more positive days and being positive will help with things like happiness. With there still being a stigma behind disability is not surprising we still have our down days.

  2. I agree being happy is something we must learn to achieve for ourselves. I can see that making others happy might be a short term fix, but that can’t be the answer to our own happiness.

    That has to be worked on from within. It’s a state of mind and we can find happiness in all sorts of every day things if we know what to take from them.

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