How to let go of worry

Over the years I’ve had so many negative things I’ve had to deal with, if I hadn’t learned how to let the negativity go, I’d be continually living with anxiety.

I find the easiest way to solve an issue is to stop participating in its worry. On a conscious level it’s important to let the worry go, so it doesn’t become our primary focus. Giving up completely, shouldn’t be the way we go about solving our problems.

The worry to our problems aren’t worth holding on to. If something is going to happen it will happen whether we continue to worry or not. I also believe that when we stop trying to force things, things tend to sort themselves out.

When I look at my life, at the bigger picture in terms of the universe, of the cosmos, of what’s around me, I have come to realise that my problems when put into those perspectives are really just a blot on the landscape.

I think that when we begin to see and understand the bigger picture of where we are in the cosmos, we will equate our life and worries in those terms and will begin to see and understand how insignificant and unimportant our worries really are.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t deal with our problems, it just allows us to let go of the worry associated with the issue or problem.

28 Nov, 2014

8 thoughts on “How to let go of worry

  1. I worry a lot, but it’s things that I cannot do anything about. I have to just accept that things will happen that I cannot control.

    I’m a little worried today and it’s something that I can’t do anything about, so I will try to let it go and not let it bother me all day.

    I will pray about it, which is what I do a lot and trust that GOD has got this. Praying helps me a lot to deal with things.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I like you believe we all need a little help from time to time, but we must take control of our issues or problems first.

      I believe that when we take control of any situation or circumstance, other forces come into play. I also ask my Angels for help when I’m struggling with something and it’s right to ask for help, but the help initially must come from ourselves first for that help to be forthcoming.

      GOD and our Angels will always give us the tools to help us work through stress and worry, but we must take control first. With a little bit of thought and the help you ask for I am sure you will work out your worry today.

  2. I can resonate with this post. I used to worry a whole heap more than I do now, as I have learned to manage my worries much better than previously.

    Things to worry about haven’t gone away, on the contrary in fact, as my children have grown, gone to university and have started making lives for themselves, I have been and continue to be faced with bigger and more frequent worrying situations.

    I try to tackle potential worries ahead on with a different attitude now and that really helps, especially as I know that worrying in itself achieves nothing.

    1. Thank you. Perhaps you can let us know what that different attitude is. You’re absolutely right in what you say though, worrying in itself does achieve nothing.

  3. I have learned that worrying can just make matters worse with our helping any situation, so I try not to let worrying get the better of me.

    I stand back more and see what I can or cannot do to help a situation and I also try not to worry in anticipation of an event as much as I used to.

    1. I think that’s the way to do it. When we stand back we give ourselves the opportunity to see what we can and cannot do. It also means we’re more likely to be in control when we do.

      Being pro-active is important. This is exactly what you’re doing. Great.

  4. Letting go of worry has never been an easy thing for me to do, but I know I have to learn how to let go of worry more so I don’t get stressed out quite so much!

    I grew up in a world where we actually had to worry about things like where our next meal was coming from. My girlfriend seems to be able to just let things go a lot easier, but she didn’t grow up in the same environment so she isn’t always very understanding!

    The reality is that things are going to happen whether or not I worry about them, so I should just try to make the best out of what time I do have! It won’t be easy, but I think I can get used to it so I don’t spend so much time fretting over everything.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes when we grow up in an environment where we have little stress, we don’t always understand others who have grown up in a stressful environment, so that would tie in with your girlfriend’s lack of understanding of what you’ve been through.

      Any stressful environment is emotionally difficult. From what you’ve said in your response, you absolutely do have an understanding of your life. When we have a clearer picture of our life, of what we’ve lived I believe we can go about changing certain aspects of it.

      It’s not always easy, but over time it’s doable. I’m here if you need some help Randy.

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