How we define ourselves

I believe that our life experiences pave the way for us to define ourselves as well as other people defining us. As a child, I was always being defined and compared to my twin.

People knew the rest of my family by their relationship with my parents and other family members. Now as the adult, I define myself differently and independently. That as we become more successful, everything but our core values will change. That is because core values are usually inherent.

But it is important to get our core values right, because it is those values together with our successes that go on to form the character traits that define who we become. The more positive the success, the more positive our character traits should be.

I also believe that some people will see and define us as they wish to, no matter how hard we try to change their perceptions of us. If the shoe were on the other foot, they would want us to define them in the way they see themselves.

8 Apr, 2012

4 thoughts on “How we define ourselves

  1. I agree we will always be defined by others but that’s not important, it’s how we define ourselves that matters.

  2. I agree with Brad. My mother used to say not to worry about what others think; it’s how you feel about yourself that matters.

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