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The CP Diary is my journey of self-discovery and the belief I have in myself. I continue to draw confidence as I continue to write.

Although my blogs reinforce my own struggle through my experiences, they may also bring a different thought process for others depending on what they deal with and how they cope. Whether conscious or unconscious, my blogs may also be a trigger for a response for those with issues and what they get to deal with.

One hugely positive aspect of my blog is that it’s easy for others to resonate with my experiences, although there is a possibility my blogs may act as a trigger, which might throw us into denial on what we deal with. On another level, my blogs may also open new doors on our issues, through the message on each blog and that can bring about new understanding and how we get to deal with things.

My blog also continues to help me through extensive research on my Cerebral Palsy issues, taken from the information I already have from my Neurologist and that helps me address my triggers. As I get to understand more of my symptoms that additional understanding then forms part of any new blog. Through research I now know what my symptoms are. They were always there, a part of me.

It’s true that any blog we read can sometimes act as a trigger and in that case. When we’re triggered, it would be easy to have and form opinions on what others deal with and what we deal with. Anything that I write about empowers me and helps to change my thinking, not act as a trigger.

I believe triggers will always become triggers if we choose them to be.

18 Oct, 2017

4 thoughts on “How we respond to my blog

  1. Your blogs make us think about things we wouldn’t necessarily think about, in a away that challenges us too and we can apply that to our daily lives with a healthy does of much needed positivity.

    That is some trigger and I can’t say that about any other website I know of.

  2. Thank you! That’s exactly how I see it too.

    In these uncertain times, my site helps me with motivation and staying motivated. My blogs also challenge me to work through any negativity, which comes from my neurological issues.

    I struggled and was continually blighted by bad thoughts as a child, through what I know now to be Asperger’s (AS).

    My blogs also challenge me to think differently, as you say. I couldn’t imagine my life now without it and what I do.

  3. I had skepticism before joining this site, because I didn’t want to hang around for nothing. But after one or two reads, I was hooked for life. It’s more about how The CP Diary responded to me, with love and compassion.

    So after years of reading your blogs, I am now centered around awareness like never before.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, my blogs come from the soul. My soul is a place that is filled with love, centred around compassion, empathy and tolerance.

      Although that wasn’t my life and I struggled with anger issues around my physical and emotional issues, I continually craved for those things. I was aware those things existed; but sadly those things were never afforded to me.

      You have very much hit the nail on the head. My blogs are very much centred around awareness too. Every day I open my eyes with a new vision.

      I also believe my blogs are very much on topic, which creates an awareness for us on what we need to look out for, so that we get to function in our lives.

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