Humble beginnings

We know and understand our background and roots, but we’re embarrassed, we choose to deny all knowledge, or that it was our existence.

If more of us were more accepting of our roots, we’d be living better lives, communicating better and feeling better about family and about ourselves. Whilst we don’t see our roots in a positive light, how we see our early days will continue to be the driving force behind our behaviour.

Any bitterness we carry from our childhood is entwined in our psyche. It is our lack of ability to accept our experiences that continue to interfere with our decisions and our behaviour. I was always grateful for the roof over my head, regardless of my experiences.

The bitterness we carry forward and the fact that we deny our roots, those humble beginnings, will eventually interfere with our emotional and physical health.

29 Sep, 2017

4 thoughts on “Humble beginnings

  1. I’ve seen this same pattern in most people I know, myself included. It’s sad that in some cases our roots are stuck with us, if they’re embarrassing or in some way just not socially acceptable.

    As adults, we find ourselves still with the same mentality, with the same set of thinking from being raised the way we were. Some upbringing is good, some traditions are carried on. But then there are some that are not so pleasant.

    And if they are unpleasant, how do we know if it’s unhealthy set of thinking? If our families are all one way, then we tend to carry on that set of mentality to the next generation. It’s how we were raised.

    This is a great blog because I’ve noticed it with so many different families including my own. There are some family traditions I tend to change with my children, but find myself doing or saying the same thing after I’ve done or said it.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. You’re absolutely right, we tend to carry out traditions through from our parents. Our roots as much as we’re not aware tend to play out in our characters, in our personalities even though we’re not always aware.

      I remember having a conversation with myself about my family’s traditions, promising myself that I would do things differently and I have. My traditions are spiritual and include empathy, compassion, tolerance and kindness. That’s it.

      The more we stand proud of our roots the more success we will have. I’m not sure how many people understand that.

  2. I understand completely and I think it’s so great and fresh to this society. I have noticed and I think it’s wonderful. I’m spiritual too, maybe not the same way and I’m not your traditional Christian.

    I believe and do things based on what my heart and soul says, which is out of kindness, empathy and love and I try and understand in all aspects of life.

    What I have a hard time understanding, and I’m sure I always will, are those people who riot and cause harm to people and call it ‘freedom of expression’ or ‘freedom of speech.’

    When someone like me disagrees and calls out the hypocrisy, then we’re blasted as racists or bigots, or whatever delusional term they use. It’s a crazy crazy world.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes, crazy and frightening. Just keep doing what you’re doing and be who you are Bonnie.

      I am hoping that perhaps one day people will open up and evaluate what’s really going on in the world and that it won’t be too late to turn back the clock and do things differently.

      Our roots are very much part of the equation. But sadly when you couple that with how people look at culture and religion; you’re sometimes looking at different outcomes. Those qualities are sadly becoming more important than the roots themselves.

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