Ignoring issues

I could have ignored my biggest issue, not knowing what my disability was. I could have told myself ignorance is bliss, I’m probably better off not knowing, the truth will only hurt but that’s far from what the truth does.

We all have issues, but we must have control and change our attitude to our reasons for ignoring our issues. Where we’re fearful of change, we must work on our fear, where we have uncertainty we must work on uncertainty and where we have apprehension it’s important we understand why we have apprehension.

Apprehension is our brain tricking us into thinking we’ve got something to be nervous about. But through the other end, we’re usually okay. But ignoring issues means a world of lost opportunities, too afraid for us to give those opportunities a go. Ignoring issues means wasted years, where we could have made something of ourselves.

Ignoring issues if not dealt with, may also make us challenge our very existence. They may make us feel irritated that others have got away with what they’ve done, but if we persevere to get to know the truth, the truth will empower you.

Empowered to begin a new life with your own set of morals and values,  and that you deemed to make a difference for yourself and so that they’re left with the guilt.

23 Mar, 2019

2 thoughts on “Ignoring issues

  1. Yes, I wasted most of my life trying to ignore my issues, which makes it worse when you finally get around to dealing with them.

    I have had to work on the things that I needed to change like moving out of my apartment and finally ending a very toxic relationship after 13 years.

    It was a major issue that I spent a lot of time trying to ignore, until I had the courage to walk away. Life isn’t always fair. I had to give up much in order to escape but I did what I needed to do, so there isn’t any looking back.

    I want to finally enjoy my life.

    1. Thanks Randy. And now you can. Having grown up around difficult circumstances, I am pleased you got out.

      You cannot put a price on your emotional or physical health. When someone continues to make things about you no matter what you do, it’s time to get out. You’ve done the right thing. I am so pleased for you.

      There can be no place in society, or in our relationships for abuse. Getting out, are our lessons to be learned. You’ve done it. Well done.

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