I’m down today

Cerebral Palsy constantly throws negative emotions at me that I tend to have to deal with. When I have an issue to deal with, it impacts how I feel about my cerebral palsy.

It’s the little things that remind me that I have cerebral palsy and that affects how I feel. I must remind myself that my neurological impairments, have enhanced my senses and that allows me to write like this.

I need to be more patient with myself on my not so good days.

12 Aug, 2010

4 thoughts on “I’m down today

  1. You are right you need to give your body time to heal in it’s own way. Sorry you got bitten.

  2. I am not sure slow healing skin is related to Cerebral Palsy. I do know that healing can be slow for surgeries, because muscle spasms tend to undo the healing process.

    I would check with the doc about other health problems that slow the healing of bites and cuts.

    1. I have always been a slow healer in relation to my family who don’t have Cerebral Palsy.

      Having tried to talk to one or two Neurologists about Cerebral Palsy, there is very little information out there about what we deal with and how we would heal in relation to someone without Cerebral Palsy. Doctors in England don’t know anything about Cerebral Palsy. I was referred to a Neurologist to help me.

      My honest answer would be they probably just don’t know. My logic tells me that we would be slow healers given that we have Cerebral Palsy, the body is bound to be affected in some way by that.

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