I’m not exempt

I’ve been low the last few days. Away from the Diary I still have things that I deal with that have the capacity to cause me stress.

Of course I find ways to deal with stress, but The CP Diary doesn’t always exempt me from other people’s stress. It does however allow me to find coping mechanisms. Like everyone, I still have to function outside and deal with life and those grey areas that have the capacity to make my life stressful, if I don’t find ways to resolve those outcomes.

The CP Diary gives me a quiet understanding, answers in an uncertain world, an outlet. Somewhere I can come to let off steam, so that I am able to make sense of my world and all that I have to deal with, away from my writing.

15 Jan, 2015

4 thoughts on “I’m not exempt

    1. Thanks Lisa. Whilst I started The CP Diary primarily to blog out my childhood issues, the diary has developed into a much wider forum, which I know from feedback helps other people too.

      I agree with you Lisa that we do what we have to do to get ourselves through hard times, but help along the way in this kind of format I believe makes our lives easier.

  1. I suspect your blog helps others more than you realise and has the added advantage of helping you by helping others too.

    Don’t under-estimate what an important achievement The CP Diary is.

    1. Thank you yes I never have and don’t underestimate my achievements with The CP Diary. I am both humbled and staggered by what I’ve done and in my abilities to write in the way I do.

      When I write I never equate how the blog I write will help, but believe in my heart that if it helps me see things differently, it should do the same for others too. By nature I am quite shy and reserved so don’t shout out what I do from the rooftops.

      It’s always lovely to receive feedback. Thank you for yours. It helps me see the bigger picture of what I do and if that reaches and helps others, then I’ve achieved greatly.

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