Inappropriate behaviour

As soon as we’re old enough to talk, we’re taught how we should behave. Therefore it’s important we’re brought to task over our behaviour if it is inappropriate.

We have rules in school, we have rules in the work place, in society and we have the mandatory ‘social etiquette rule,’ which we are taught by our parents from an early age. Even if we’re taught about social etiquette, there will always be those who adjust their behaviour to suit themselves.

Children will usually conform if what’s being taught is reinforced and makes sense to them. Children who aren’t taught are less likely to conform and will live by their own set of rules as an adult.

Sarcasm is inappropriate when used as a form of communication, an inappropriate sense of humour which doesn’t fit into certain communication is another, so is hurting someone intentionally with our words.

It’s not just children who are guilty. Adults do it too: and will get away with it, if the people they’re with fail to say something. Because we emulate what we see and hear, it’s easy to pick up sarcasm traits around those using this behaviour.

But once we change our perspective, our behaviour will change. We need to consciously become aware of what we say and whether what we say will have an impact, or will be deemed inappropriate by someone else.

The majority are aware, but the minority get it wrong. If we fail to engage our thoughts before we speak, we will end up saying something inappropriate, resulting in what is inappropriate or abusive behaviour.

27 Nov, 2012

6 thoughts on “Inappropriate behaviour

  1. I was the master on inappropriate behaviour when I was younger. I had no real boundaries put in place by my parents, so as I was left to my own devices. My actions and my words got me into so much trouble.

    When I look back I sometimes wonder how I didn’t get into serious trouble. I have slowly learned to watch what I say and how I say it.

    It annoys the hell out of me if anyone comments on that, as I know I am trying and I am much better now than I have ever been.

    1. I think being much better is great. From having no discipline in your life to having master discipline is very difficult. You have proved it can be done.

      Sometimes we just have to make sure that our once learned inappropriate beaviour doesn’t resurface every now and again. It’s easy for that to happen. Where we think we’ve mastered those changes, others may not be so convinced or may see it like that.

      To change completely takes time, but you sound as though you’re heading in the right direction. I would be pleased with that.

  2. I agree with you on all fronts.

    I was taught very early how to act in public not only from my parents but also my grandparents, especially my fathers mother (grandma). She would correct us in a minute, but there was a society thing with her because that side of my family had great influence in the community where I grew up.

    I think that is common with the ‘higher society’ members. They think they have to be so prim and proper and they put on airs (makes me gag!!) I wasn’t one to conform very well to it. I was my own person and I knew how to act in public. I didn’t have to put on airs. I was just myself.

    There are people that don’t have the grace they were given and really don’t know how to act in public. I think it should be up to parent to teach their children how to act, what is appropriate and should also demonstrate the same in front of their children.

    Children will act the way they were taught and how they see their parents act, influences them greatly.

  3. Well I like to joke that I was raised by wolves, which wasn’t very far from the case. My parents didn’t really teach me a whole lot about what was inappropriate, other than keeping our mouths shut when it came to what was happening at home.

    We had to learn street smarts at a very early age and quite often the hard way, which makes it very amazing that we actually survived our childhoods! I think most of what I learned as a child came from books and movies as far as what was right and wrong in the world.

    The biggest problem was that I had no real idea of how to put those ideals into action, especially when I went into the Army and they expected me to do things I wasn’t comfortable doing.

    My life has been a nightmare since then considering I wasn’t very good at dealing with Life and how to handle everyday living! My biggest concern at this late stage of my life is to learn how to actually lead a somewhat normal life, whatever that may be.

    1. Thanks Randy. What matters now is what you do. A cliche I know, but it’s true.

      Even if we’re not taught I believe that on some level we all know what is inappropriate behaviour. Now it’s time to change and start a new chapter in your life.

      We cannot change our past; we cannot change our parents but we can change change our own behaviour if it is inappropriate.

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