Indecisive tendencies

I know one or two people who struggle with making decisions; but not being able to make any decision may impact our lives. It’s all to do with self-confidence.

We should have faith in ourselves and our abilities; faith to trust our own thought process; faith to believe the decisions we make, are right for us.

In the spiritual context, there is no wrong decision, because as soon as we make a decision, it becomes the right decision. It is important to stop doubting ourselves. We should learn to follow our gut instinct, then we can follow through.

It is important to ignore other people’s thoughts on our decisions, unless we have their support. Depending on another person’s motive, it is easy for others to put us off making our own decisions.

Also, just because a decision we make doesn’t accord with another person’s, doesn’t mean our decision is wrong. It could be that our decision is wrong for someone else, but it is the right decision for us.

Whatever happens, it’s our life. For those of us who are indecisive, it’s good to stop being indecisive and instead make and stand by our own decisions.

4 Feb, 2012

4 thoughts on “Indecisive tendencies

  1. I’m afraid to make decisions sometimes due to making the wrong ones, but looking back all the decisions I’ve made were right for me at the time. Of course the ones I made as a teenager were because I rebelled.

    I also think about how my decisions are going to affect my family, like the adoption, That was a huge decision that I had to consult my husband about first.

    If it involves others I think we should consult with them first.

    1. I agree that if decisions affect someone else as well, then yes of course they need to be consulted with, but individually we need to be able to make our own decisions.

      Although it sounds easy to do, for some of us it’s the most difficult thing to do. Thanks for posting Lisa.

  2. I used to be great at making decisions, right ones and wrong ones. I never used to give anything a seconds thought, but looking back that was probably just youthful exuberance and inexperience and now I am somewhat more circumspect.

    Today’s decisions are much more important and deserve due consideration but I am also aware of the dangers of this straying into indecision too.

    1. This is probably how many of us think, but I am confident the decisions we eventually decide on are usually right for us.

      I think given some of the decisions we have to make in today’s society, it’s easy to see why some of those decisions may stray into in-decisions too. We just have to follow our convictions and make them regardless!

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