Inevitable change

With a few days to go before university, we’re all feeling somewhat apprehensive. It of course comes with the territory before change happens and is inevitable, even though we know what that change is going to be. I know things beyond Sunday will be fine. I am genuinely excited for Claudia and for all the wonderful opportunities she’ll have. It’s taken four years to get to this point, but I feel she’s ready for it.

4 Sep, 2013

6 thoughts on “Inevitable change

  1. I’m glad you’re all ready for it.

    I kind of know how you feel with your youngest going away to college, leaving home for the first time. I had the experience myself almost a year ago with my middle child, which was my youngest until we adopted our son just a year ago.

    She did well adjusting to new living arrangements and a new place. She did better than me! But I’ve gotten used to it now and have decided this was her life to live and she needed to make her own decisions, so she would mature and learn.

    It will get easier over time and you’ll get into a comfortable routine. Good luck!!

    1. I agree with you Lisa. This is the only way children will learn, they have to do these things, although it can be an anxious time for the parents!

  2. This is an exciting and positive change.

    University can be a wonderful experience and I am sure that Claudia will continue to blossom and have a time that she will look back on in years to come with much happiness.

    Go Claudia!

  3. Yes I’m sure it will be very hard to let go right away, but she sounds like she is ready for it!

    I went through a lot of those feelings when my daughter moved away and I wasn’t able to see her as often. Thanks to current technology,however,we’re able to have somewhat of a face to face conversation.

    I only wish she had actually been going off to college but she didn’t really have the grades for it. Hopefully things will go great for her and I’m sure it will help that her brother is there too!

    1. I am sure you’re right, it will help her brother being there. It’s taken four years to get to this point, so we are ready, but it will be a new change for all of us.

      I am sure things will be fine, once we’ve all made the transition. Thanks Randy.

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