Insular behaviour

As a small child, I had all the hallmarking of insular behaviour. I had an insular personality. I mostly shied away from people and the world in general. I hated being noticed. My upbringing and environment had a lot to do with it.

It could be that we are generally that way, just very quiet people, but not being supported or encouraged, are other reasons why we may follow insular patterns. I also believe that some of the way we behave is in our genes.

Families are mostly well intentioned, but sadly that’s not always how it works. I know that had my disability been addressed and I had been encouraged, my behaviour would have changed.

Of course, being insular will also have a marked effect on our relationships. If children aren’t parented correctly, they will fail to understand how to form relationships later on. People are insular for a reason and that’s no excuse for others to leave us there.

18 Jun, 2011

4 thoughts on “Insular behaviour

  1. I know my daughter’s attitude and actions are just like her fathers. He was Bipolar undiagnosed and my daughter is Bipolar diagnosed and it is genetic.

    I try to help people by using what I’ve learned from the past especially my family members. Sometimes they listen and other times they take it with a grain of salt and learn later that maybe I was right.

    I think learning from our past helps us help others.

    1. Bipolar has a lot do with the way we behave but I think Bipolar is a completely different issue. You are right, Bipolar does throw up so many problems that way and is genetic. It’s not easy helping family because they invariably have their own opinions and don’t always listen.

      I completely agree with you that learning from our past can help others; but primarily it helps us learn about ourselves.

      From past experiences we can impart that information to others, but others will always have their own thoughts and opinions too which won’t always tie in with our beliefs. Nice thought though.

  2. Being in a rut is very hard to get out of. Sometimes you just have to do something different. That will help us see the world through new eyes and give a person new ideas.

    1. You are completely right Randy.

      Being in a rut is very hard to get out of sometimes, because it often depends on why we’re in the rut in the first place. I think that if we can get ourselves out of the rut, as you say we should begin to see our world in a whole new light.

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