Intellectual arrogance

My disability was never given the time of day, talked about or aired as a child, suffice to say that’s how it has stayed, until I started my blog. The hard part for me was having to exist in an environment where my life around my disability stayed underground.

Without me keeping my experiences alive through my blog, my disability would never have been mentioned in my lifetime. It’s clear it was to be a secret and that I was never supposed to know.

Although my thoughts and feelings haven’t changed, I am looking at other people’s inabilities to deal with and be responsible around what I had to deal with. I’m looking at arrogance, an arrogance that doesn’t match with what’s known, they simply choose to ignore it.

It’s hard not to hate intellectual arrogance, when the basis of such arrogance becomes outright ignorance. Those with an intellectual arrogance have a ‘my way or the highway attitude’ since their views are supposedly the right or the only way to think, but we all know that’s not true.

It’s how they live their lives. What others think is immaterial to them.

13 May, 2019

6 thoughts on “Intellectual arrogance

  1. We probably all know someone who displays this form of arrogance. I gave up, long ago trying to argue with people like that.

    I get frustrated. It’s better that I tell myself I don’t need to convince someone else they are wrong when I know that I am right. That way I get peace.

    1. Yes, you cannot argue with someone who shows intellectual arrogance and we all do have one in our midst.

      They’re never wrong, always right and as you say, there’s no point in trying to communicate or mediate with them.

      From what I have been told, they know very little about anything, but they think they know a lot about everything.

  2. It boggles the mind as to how people who are supposedly so very smart can be very dense at the same time.

    My parents weren’t stupid people so it should have been impossible for them to miss the problems were that were right in front of them.

    People like to talk about the elephant in the room, but I would have to say that we had the whole damn herd. What kind of parents would allow their child/children to suffer through their life when there was easily so much that could have been done to make things easier for them?

    I know that fact is the one thing that irritates me the most when I think about it; seeing as both of our parents could have tried a hell of a lot harder than they did and there is nothing that could ever really excuse it.

    1. I would say it’s parents who went through abuse themselves. Abuse repeats abuse that’s how it works.

      As much as you know your truth Randy, your parents know the truth also. It matters what they missed, but that is for them to reconcile.

      When we get to walk through the pearly gates at the end of our lives, we’re all shown our life story. Your parents are no different Randy, but they will know.

  3. You’re right Ilana, intellectual arrogance is outright ignorance, I believe that.

    But inside that thinking you survived. Out that thinking you breathed pure air and became an awesome writer and a lovely human being.

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