It’s not always obvious to us that the people in our lives may be intimidating and controlling.

For those of us who deal with intimidation, it can be a nightmare because we unwittingly allow others to intimidate us without us realising. Irrational thinking is sometimes the reason we allow others to intimidate us. We must find ways to respond differently.

Being intimidated, means we allow the other person to interfere with our emotions, how we think and feel about ourselves. Through intimidation, we feel belittled, self-conscious and inadequate. Although control is linked to intimidation, they must be understood and recognised as two separate problems.

When we are intimidated, we open ourselves up to being controlled. Someone whose emotions have been interfered with, who already has weakened defences, will unwittingly allow outside influences in. Sadly, we don’t always make those conscious connections.

But we need to continue to show others that we will not be intimidated and that we are in control. We need to develop new ways of dealing with people who intimidate us so that we become more assertive. We must take back control from those who make decisions for us and stop the intimidation.

4 Apr, 2011

6 thoughts on “Intimidation

  1. Wow, never really thought of things that way, but it makes a lot of sense.

    I’ve been intimidated all my life, so I really don’t know any different.

    Now all I have to do is to be able to work on changing this so I could once more have control over my own life.

    Thanks for bringing up such a timely subject!

    1. Intimidation is something for us all to be aware of. I am sure it’s not just something you’ve experienced. Thank you for posting.

  2. I’ve also experienced intimidation a lot… and you’re right I just don’t know how to respond to it, out of fear I guess.

    It’s a terrible position to be in and it can cause untold stress. When things like that happen, it tends to stay with me in the back of my mind.

    1. Anyone who is controlling or intimidating us can make us feel these things. We need to strengthen our resolve so we don’t allow these things to happen.

  3. This was an interesting post.

    I never though to separate fear and intimidation before. I guess the reason for that was because in my life intimidation was used as a form of control.

    However, thinking about it in respect of other situations; it makes sense to separate them and deal with them accordingly.

    1. You’re absolutely right. It’s recognition that is the first step to being able to cope with these and other issues in our lives.

      Hope your studies are going well. Thanks for posting.

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