Irritated and angry

As a child I was angry, suffice it to say I was irritated and angry. Irritated by the injustice, I would verbally hit out.

I didn’t understand my emotions around a disability I didn’t know I had, but with help I know I could have minimised those feelings. I didn’t know to feel or deal with my emotions that much was clear. It wasn’t my fault.

Extreme anger stems from a build-up of small irritations, some of those irritations come from your present thinking, something happens, a person rubs you up the wrong way and the emotion you’re suppressing floods to the surface.

We must learn to stand back, it’s the only way we get to feel the emotion.We need to give ourselves time to work through each perspective, to try to understand why we feel what we feel.

Anger doesn’t wait to strike, it hits at inconvenient times, when we’re not always prepared to deal with it. When we delay dealing with anger that’s when it turns toxic, particularly when the delay means we avoid it altogether. We must deal with the anger we feel. We must stop blaming the entire universe for our problems.

We must take and own our responsibility, how the situation led us to where we are, others must do the same for themselves, also.

6 Sep, 2019

2 thoughts on “Irritated and angry

  1. Boy, I can definitely relate to those feelings, seeing as I was always angry, but I never quite understood why.

    My parents never really seemed to notice that I was lashing out at everyone and everything so I can understand what you’re talking about.

    Only recently did I figure out that you can only stuff those feelings for so long, before they start to do what I call “coming out sideways” which only makes things worse.

    I have spent most of my life trying to live like a vulcan or an android, trying to pretend like I didn’t have any feelings at all, but I’m only human.

    It would be fantastic to enjoy learning how to live like a human being.

    1. Thanks Randy. You and me both. You and I have lived similar lives Randy. I feel for you too. It has taken me a lot of years to also understand my irritations and anger.

      Where your parents didn’t know you were lashing out, my parents knew, but always put it down to me rather than it being about a disability I didn’t know I had that was irritating me.

      I must have been a nightmare and I understand that, but my problems were never about me. Your problems were not about you.

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