Is ignorance bliss?

We often think that not knowing something is more comfortable than knowing, but in some circumstances, ignorance is bliss can paint an altogether different picture, if that something changes our life, or that of someone else.

Choosing to ignore something can have far and wide reaching consequences, particularly if what we’re choosing to ignore involves health issues that we’re not addressing. When we choose not to know about something, we don’t have to deal with that thing and that’s the attitude we take. Out of sight, out of mind, so to speak.

But being ignorant to something doesn’t help us learn, grow or mature and also doesn’t mean we won’t worry. Worry comes whether we choose to ignore something or not and will come in from the most unlikely of places. If it’s something we’re supposed to know about we will still get to that place.

The ignorance is bliss route leads us on to a road to nowhere, with only ourselves for company. Shutting ourselves off to reality doesn’t help.

21 Feb, 2014

6 thoughts on “Is ignorance bliss?

  1. Yes, I really do believe it can be, since the most ignorant people seem to be the happiest!

    Sometimes I think it’s so much worse being smart and knowing exactly what your problems are without being able to do much about them. I’m great at disassociating but everything is still right there gnawing at me in the background.

    Maybe dementia wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes this is why ignorance isn’t bliss Randy because you’re right, even when we ignore our problems they’re still there tucked away, as you say gnawing at us in the background.

      Whether we’re smart or not, I still think we have the issues to deal with. Issues don’t normally go away, so the more we take control, the quicker we’ll sort the issue out.

      I believe issues will always come full circle anyway, therefore it’s important we deal with them, rather than ignore them.

  2. I agree. Sometimes ignorance can be bliss, but more often than not it isn’t the answer, as we cannot learn and grown through ignoring things that need to be addressed.

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