Issues are lessons

I believe the issues we deal with are our lessons and that if we were to stand back and look at those issues, we would see and understand how we could better put those issues right.

I work on the assumption that issues are obstacles, challenges and problems that we initiate ourselves. If you were to work on your understanding that everything happens for a reason, issues are lessons and once you learn how to understand those lessons, you’ll find the answer that resolves the issue.

Instead, we get caught up in internal dialogue and begin to ask why it always happens to us. The worst part of any scenario is the internal dialogue that comes with it, the self-questioning and self-pity. We spend too much time dwelling on our issues, instead of trying to find out how we can best address those issues.

This is a common human failing, but one that is easily remedied with a different attitude and perception from us. I never used my physical difficulties as an excuse to dwell. I innately knew they were there for a reason, years on and I have come to understand why.

We can learn so much by the cards we’re dealt, but the truth is we don’t. Instead, we must look for the lessons to understand their reasoning.

10 Nov, 2013

4 thoughts on “Issues are lessons

  1. I agree with you. I see issues as lessons and that everything happens for a reason. We learn from out experiences in life.

    More people should think this was instead of feeling like they are always dumped on by life. The ‘why me’ is just a pity call.

  2. I’ve wasted so much of my life getting mired in my issues which is truly a sad thing! My biggest resentment has been watching others do the worst things and have the best things happen to them. Most of the lessons I’ve learned have been what NOT to do in life!

    I’m trying very hard to come to terms with where I’m at in my life now and not dwell on all the things I should have done in the past. It feels like I blinked and half of my life is gone!

    People perplex me when they have everything they could ever want and still complain about their life! My issues have crippled me mentally which most people can’t comprehend, but I’m fighting as hard as I can to overcome them so that I can finally enjoy being a human being!

    1. Thanks Randy. I hear ya! and understand why you would resent watching others do the worst things and have what seems good things happen to them! I’m not sure how much of that really happens in reality though in the longer term. I tend to think any bad deed catches up with us sooner or later.

      As far as your issues are concerned, I hope you continue to overcome yours so that you can enjoy more of your life.

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