It’s good to talk

There used to be a British Telecom television advert in the UK advertising for us to talk through their communication network, with a slogan that said: ‘it’s good to talk,’ but I always took that as meaning, ‘it’s important to talk.’

Not talking about issues that matter could change the course of events that we may not want changed, but it also won’t make those issues go away, unless we deal with them. If anything talking helps us sort our issues out, instead of bottling those up. It’s important to talk about, discuss and get our views and points across.

Not only is it good to talk, but it’s also important to be conciliatory. Being conciliatory not only keeps the doors of communication open where we need them to stay open, but shows others we want to talk without malicious intent. We must continue to talk about the things that hurt us, with the people who hurt us.

I’ve spent a large percentage of my life doing that. We need to clear our emotions, say what we feel. On the part of those who have hurt us, they need to listen and be okay with what we say and on our part, we need to be okay in telling them.

13 Apr, 2017

4 thoughts on “It’s good to talk

  1. It’s necessary to talk, an unspoken need indeed. Not only do we feel better, we may actually live longer.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, the more we open up and talk about the things that matter, the longer I believe we will live.

      Although our lifestyle is also part of the longevity scenario, the emotions are the catalyst and can be the difference between us getting ill and staying well and that has an effect on our longevity.

      Wellness starts at the cellular level; is compounded by our emotions and which is why we then get ill.

    1. Thanks, yes you’re right. And problems halved are easier to solve. Talking works, bottling things up makes us ill. There’s no inbetween.

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