It’s your voice

“Stop minimizing their disrespect. It’s costing you peace.” – Unknown

This quote is spot on. Yes, we’re all born with a voice. If you don’t use your voice, someone will use your voice for you and can take advantage. If you are in touch with someone who is disrespectful, it is also important to speak out.

As a child I had no voice, and although I didn’t generally say a lot, if I was blamed for something that wasn’t my fault, I would often go back in and have my say.

Where like me you have found your voice, not everyone will appreciate you have found it; instead they may feel threatened, particularly if they haven’t found theirs. But if you have found your voice that’s not something you should concern yourself with, but it is something others need to resolve for themselves.

Instead, they may choose to distance themselves because they may not like the fact you have found your voice. If they’re not keen, you can always wish them well and move on with your life. Everyone has a right to find their voice.

From my own experiences, finding your voice not only gives you clarity on a life lived, but finding your voice is your truth, and it brings about the peace and the freedom to choose how you live your life. In a world where others are mostly vying to be the same just so they fit in, it makes you unique.

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23 Nov, 2021

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