As a child growing up with a disability that I didn’t know I had, I was happy to me. There were things I wanted to change, such as understanding what exactly what was wrong and what my symptoms were.

I didn’t like the fact that I had no working muscle tone on my left side because children in the school playground would stare. I was angry, because my issues were being ignored and I didn’t like the fact that pointing my toes was difficult and with a shortening on my left side, and with no working muscle, I couldn’t pick my leg up, so I would drag my leg around.

I was angry, but I wasn’t jealous. I must have been aware, that feelings of resentment, hostility or bitterness, eats away at you until it can no longer be contained. For those who have a predisposition to looking over their shoulder at what someone else has, that they don’t have, or haven’t been able to achieve, things will never work out.

Whilst I understand why there is jealousy, in the spiritual context, we’re all the same. We must work at our own lives and change what we need to change. There is nothing to stop anyone from changing course and changing their lives at any time. We’re not born jealous, it’s something we acquire over time.

A lot of how we are stems from our childhood. If our parents have a chip, or an extended family member with a chip, it would be easy for their jealousy to feed back into the family dynamics. Money is a big issue and is often the catalyst for how jealousy starts, particularly in families.

Where jealousy consists of more than one emotion, such as resentment, anger, helplessness or inadequacy, it will take longer to pull the jealousy back. But you have to remember that without spiraling into a life of jealousy, your life will work out better.

21 Apr, 2014

6 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. I’m not one to be jealous any more, where as as a teen I would get jealous occasionally of other people I knew that had more than I did, or who didn’t suffer from a disease that enabled them from doing things normal kids did.

    I’m over that thank goodness. I have more than enough and I don’t go without and it seems like even though I have some disease processes going on, my life is better from them than a healthy person.

    I was jealous at one point of a family member due to some things that happened when my father passed, but I’m over that too. I agree with you, jealousy can tear a family apart and friendships also.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think how you felt as a teen is very normal, which parents may or not be aware of. A lot goes on in a child’s life. We’re aware of our life and aware of other people’s lives and spend our lives continuing to draw comparisons.

      I saw that too, but didn’t hone in on it, because I had too much going on else where to pay attention. I was lucky. My thinking process was also very similar to how it is now so I never feel the need to draw comparisons or be jealous, but know so many family members who have and still do.

      I’m pleased you see your life differently now and that you’ve moved on from your feelings of jealousy. Good for you.

  2. I dislike feeling jealousy. I had felt it toward non-disabled persons. I try to focus on what I am able to do and it’s okay doing things differently.

    1. Hi Maria and welcome to the site. It’s very easy to feel jealousy towards people who don’t have what we have to deal with.

      I think you’re absolutely right though, to focus on the things you are able to do and yes it’s okay to do things differently. It’s to be embraced.

  3. I think many of us feel jealousy for many reasons. It could be because we can’t afford things others have, or we wish our lives were different in some way to the way it is.

    I think that recognising it is important so it doesn’t become a destructive emotion and it is controlled; that way we can concentrate on the positive as Maria says and that is a much more fruitful endeavour.

    1. I think you’re right. Jealousy must always be controlled. As you say, jealousy can be destructive if not controlled and I agree with you.

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