Just be nice

Be nice because you can. Be nice because you would want others to be nice to you and because being nice strengthens relationships and it’s the right thing to do.

There is no getting away from how I got to this place, mentally and emotionally neglected for many years. There was always expectation, and no appreciation on the things I struggled with. That’s not nice.

I am more mentally and emotionally disabled than I am physically. Where someone with normal thinking can rationale and things stay within the ‘normal’ range, nothing stays within the ‘normal range’ for me.

As a child, I knew I struggled with anxiety and bad thoughts that caused my depression. Nothing was done about them. I remember those struggles well. They carried through to my adult years, at 56 finally being diagnosed with autism. How I got to this place is not something I will ever reconcile.

Others must want to be nice, to help and understand us, regardless of their own struggles, and not make their struggles about us. Tolerance and patience, particularly in these times are important.

Looking back on those times, I know that with the help my anxiety and bad thoughts could have been halved and further reduced.

28 Jun, 2020

4 thoughts on “Just be nice

  1. I’m a nice guy, but I used to be much nicer until something changed. I guess my concern for my dignity had something to do with it, since being a nice guy can be grossly misunderstood.

    But I’d like to remain nice and not let this world get under my skin.

    1. Thanks Tim. Whilst life changes us and we’re hardened through childhood experiences, it is important we understand and allow for spiritual growth.

      People will always see what they want to see in us. It makes them less accountable, but the universe knows us.

      You make a valid point in your last paragraph. Seeing what goes on in the world, others making decisions for us can be the reason we change.

      Change from being bad is good, but changing from good to bad is disastrous. People do spiral down, through their inability to cope with life sometimes.

      Whilst experiences do change us, it is important we don’t let ‘this world get under our skin.’ Thank you for reminding us.

  2. Isn’t it just nice to be nice? It’s the decent and respectful thing to do.

    Unfortunately our world is full of ignorance, greed and selfishness and it’s hard to be nice to anyone displaying those traits, as they are undeserving.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it is, but it’s not what we have. Where you say, ‘our world is full of ignorance, greed and selfishness’ – no matter what we deal with and it starts with families, they must be helpful, supportive and ‘nice.’

      Being ‘nice’ must start with family and work outwards. No matter what stress any of us carry, it is important we all continue to be nice.

      When you look at what is happening in society, it is clear that is not what we always have.

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