Keeping restrictions in place

I am back to blogging about Covid-19. Being able to talk about what is happening in the wider world, on my blog, is keeping my mind sane.

Months on from restrictions being lifted in the UK and with Covid-19 cases still rising, I and many like me who deal with a disability, have been forced back into our homes. I have no quality of life, I have no say in how I want to live my life.

Also, being double-jabbed, doesn’t determine whether you get back into your life, because you can still catch Covid-19, get sick and struggle with Long-Covid. For those like myself, who deal with a disability and who are high risk, normalcy doesn’t exist.

It is important to continue to follow restrictions, so that we can all go out and stay protected. With restrictions being lifted by the UK government, we are now seeing cases of Covid-19 rise.

That isn’t rocket science, but it is party politics. It has nothing to do with common sense either, or the government wanting to keep us safe. It is the physical barriers that can keep us safe. I pray common sense on their decisions, eventually prevails.

I am more or less confined to my home now, because people aren’t wearing masks. I continue to wear a mask when I go out for a walk. The Covid-19 vaccine helps, but it doesn’t go far enough. As scientists tell us, it is not to be solely relied on without the standard physical measures in place.

In the meantime, people who deal with a disability, have been forced back into their homes. What about the parents whose children are being told they must attend school, without mandatory protections being put in place? Cases are rising amongst school children. What about them, what about their families? It’s mad.

Cases amongst primary school children, aged between 4 to 12, is up by 48%– the HSE’s lead for testing and tracing, Niamh O’Beirne says: they have been contacted by 120 primary schools and 80 secondary schools, about the rise in Covid-19 in its schools amongst its students. (Source:

2 Oct, 2021

2 thoughts on “Keeping restrictions in place

  1. I completely agree with you that keeping restrictions such as wearing masks in shops and schools in place would significantly reduce the virus transmission.

    We are living in a world when the UK government is content with seeing on average new daily cases of 30k-40k. Is this the ‘new normal’ we were told to expect?

    More widespread mask wearing would help people like you who are high risk get some degree of life back as well as everyone else, but instead we have two-tier society now. Those who care and those who don’t.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I have just heard of a 15 year old school girl in the UK who lost her life to Covid-19 and who was days away from being vaccinated. Her poor parents. What does that tell you about schools being breeding grounds for Covid? Head teachers should be insisting on masks.

      We do have a two-tier society in the UK where they are putting politics before the people and we’re helpless to change anything.

      Where you have the vaccinated and you have the non-vaccinated, certainly one size doesn’t fit all. Being told it was the panacea vaccine, and we must all take it, we’re not finding that at all, but masks should continue to be worn.

      Those who have chosen not to have the vaccine have done after consideration. If the UK government had initially done more to understand the vaccine in its infancy, they would also have understood the implications a little better.

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