Knowledge is power

With no understanding on my sensory issues, over the years, I have bought clothes that didn’t feel quite right, but I thought I could get past. Knowing would have saved me money, and those clothes could have gone to good homes.

Now when I touch something, if it doesn’t feel right, I walk away. I needed to make my understanding of the unfamiliar, familiar, I needed to stop, pause and somehow equate why things didn’t feel right.

For years I would try to make sense of my world, of my sensory issues. In some ways I did well, in others I felt lost and out of it. Understanding our issues adds positively in what is otherwise a scattered world, it guides us in everything we do.

Growing up with a disability I didn’t know I had, meant I grew up in a world I didn’t understand. Our reality is that we think, feel and behave within the confines of what we understand at that time, until we are able to learn more.

Because I grew up in an environment where my disability wasn’t discussed, meant the benefits of knowing when I did eventually find out, would mean very little to me, because I was never exposed to understanding my disability in any great detail.

It goes deeper though. Things would also look wrong, but I could never equate its meaning or significance, because I didn’t know about my disability, or what any of my symptoms meant.

You must be able to put what you know into context so that you can understand your issues and then connect with your life. That when you finally come to understand everything you need to know, you realise that knowledge, is power.

6 Nov, 2019

4 thoughts on “Knowledge is power

  1. I certainly agree with your blog title. As you have shown great work can be done with knowledge.

    Knowledge is a powerful quality that empowers people to achieve great results. The more knowledge we gain, the more enlightened we become.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I certainly couldn’t do what I do and continue to do what I do without the knowledge I have acquired, particularly around my disability and experiences.

      Although our realities and what we all deal with are different, we are all capable of acquiring knowledge and working through change.

      As ‘my story’ has proved, I am no different to anyone else. We have to want to take control and change.

  2. Ilana, over the years you have acquired knowledge and you have shared that knowledge with your readers. We are very thankful for that.

    Let’s just say, you rubbed our spirits the right way.

    1. Awww thanks Tim. You’re welcome. Honestly, finding out about my disability and doing what I have done with my website were borne out of necessity.

      The mental space around a disability I didn’t know I had, wasn’t healthy. I needed to get my thoughts out.

      Although growing up in a vacuum was difficult enough, and I knew it wasn’t healthy, I was determined not to mentally and emotionally give up.

      ‘You rubbed our spirits the right way’ I believe the universe was protecting me too, encouraging me to continue to find out, to enable me to do what I do now.

      Things do happen for a reason, (and this isn’t me being bigheaded) my website is the reason; now we get to support one another.

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