Late bloomer

I was a late bloomer. There were times growing up when I didn’t think I’d bloom at all. In my formative years, I merely existed.

As a child, I didn’t know what my purpose was, or whether it was something I could achieve. But if something is meant to be it will always find a way to happen. In a world that has become obsessed with early achievement, taking your time to grow, to decide what you want is a benefit.

Although, I knew the world of academia in the classroom wasn’t something open to me, because I already failed in school, I had to find another way to learn. Distance learning was achievable. Everything I have achieved with my diplomas, website and book has come late.

Some of us need more time to develop and realise our talents and although I wasn’t sure what those were, I innately felt confident something would eventually present itself. My main concern had always been my non-diagnosis, not knowing what was wrong with me and needing a diagnosis on that.

I wasn’t prepared to give up on that. It took that long, but the nagging thought and question was, would I ever get to the point of knowing? At the time, I could never know or foresee how things would work out.

Being a late bloomer has its advantages. It stops us from potentially making mistakes and allows for us to think about what we want a little more, instead of rushing into things. It worked for me.

24 Nov, 2019

2 thoughts on “Late bloomer

  1. In your case there was good reason why you were a late bloomer and your difficulties in school, in particular must have been all the more noticeable as you had a twin who did not struggle.

    That said you have certainly excelled yourself since, and have and continue to achieve great things, no doubt all part of a bigger picture mapped out for you.

    1. There was a good reason for me, the sad reality my special needs went by the way side, and I continued to struggle and was judged even more, for being a non-achiever.

      If you believe in the bigger picture like I do, you know things happen for a reason and as you say this is the reason. It makes it easier seeing what I have achieved now, but no child should have to struggle in this way.

      I am grateful I had the mental strength. Without that I know I would have given up. There were days when it was a challenge, being challenged in this way.

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