Learn to reconcile

When we come to understand that there’s nothing we could have done to change our circumstances, we will come to find an acceptance, but for some of us that’s not easy.

I spent too many years contemplating my life and eventually came to reconcile that no matter how much I wished my life could have been different, given everything I’ve been through and have had to deal with, there is nothing I could have done to change it. To be aware of our circumstances is to reconcile.

We need to break the emotional cycle of abuse we put ourselves through in wishing our lives were different. In my formative years, I felt tormented because I wanted to move on from everything and frustrated because I didn’t know how.

It’s easy to go over the old tapes, look at the things we could have changed but didn’t, could have said but didn’t. When we look back at those things, it’s easy to live with the whole guilt scenario. I got rid of the guilt, then worked on change.

Our lives are mapped out for us long before we’re even born. In the spiritual sense, we choose our lives, the deck of cards we’re dealt is our deck to have. In our formative years, accountability rests with those who are responsible for us, until we become independent, then we become accountable and responsible for ourselves.

I believe that if more of us were to understand that concept, we’d let our issues go sooner. Our thoughts and reactions to past events are an instrumental tool for us to move things forward. When our perceptions and reactions change, we will reconcile and our outcomes will change.

I have learned that the way to increase peace of mind and overall health is to let go and that’s what I’ve done. Sometimes the guilt we’re left to carry isn’t ours. Time to let it go.

24 Aug, 2015

2 thoughts on “Learn to reconcile

  1. I completely agree with you Ilana. There comes a time when we must give ourselves a break and accept the things we cannot change. We’ll probably always see our lives as flawed until we learn to measure our worthiness by our souls instead of our physical circumstances.

    One thing I know; we cannot see clearly and fight the gravity of life at the same time.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes it’s difficult to do, but through our soul I also believe we can begin to measure how much we’re worth. A lot of the answers we need come through the soul.

      When our soul speaks to us through our inner thoughts, we know we’re on the right path. In the meantime I agree, we must give ourselves a break and accept the things we can’t change.

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