Lessons in difficult times

We learn our lessons in the most difficult of times and difficult times are a necessary part of spiritual and emotional growth. It is only through challenging times that we will learn how to become adept at dealing with and working through our lives.

I come back to resilience, because the more resilient we are, the more staying power we will have to get through difficult times. Although resilience can help us bounce back, resilience can’t give us a life without stress. Instead, it will help us focus, so that we can learn how to equate what we see, understand and deal with.

It is through understanding that we learn our biggest lessons, helping us to create new opportunities. Through opportunities we will gain new thinking. Through new thinking, we will acquire more knowledge and through more knowledge, we will learn how to manage our stress.

When we learn how to manage our stress, we will become more adept at changing our perceptions on stress. With our changing perceptions we will learn our lessons, even in difficult times. Lessons are necessary for spiritual and emotional growth.

27 Jan, 2014

8 thoughts on “Lessons in difficult times

  1. I totally agree with you. We do learn from our difficult times and adapt better.

    Since my mom has passed my daughter is basically having to learn how to deal with things on her own. I’m still here for her though, but I can’t take my mom’s place. I’m not my mother.

    My daughter depended on my mother for a lot of things, but now she is really having to grow up and be her own person. I try to be resilient also.

    I’ve learned many things through the most difficult times.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes it’s difficult losing anyone close, but more difficult losing someone who we’ve come to rely on in this way. As you say Lisa your daughter will now have to grow up.

      I am sure in time it will come. When we’re given no choice and have to adapt to a new set of circumstances, which is always difficult we learn to grow up.

  2. I grew up in very difficult times, so I never knew much different. We learned how to survive but not really how to live. There was always so much chaos going on that I became used to it.

    The biggest problem was that we didn’t have a chance to learn the normal life skills that most children have a chance to do. It’s actually really painful to even think about it at times, because I do know what I missed out on.

    1. I know how you feel Randy. Unless we’re lucky enough to be born to parents who understand how to nurture and care for their children, it’s easy to see why you learned how to survive, rather than learned how to live.

      That said it can teach us many things; how to work things differently with our own children so as not to repeat our parents’ mistakes and how to change ourselves so that we don’t continue to stay victims.

      Emotionally I struggled quite a bit but internalised my life so much that I soon learned how to do things differently. I believe that through the most difficult of times we can learn how to change our lives.

      We have to be prepared to deal with our emotions because that part is never easy and we must be prepared to put the hard work in.

  3. Well said. Difficult times will always shadow parts of our lives; it is a forever growth process, however painful.

    When we emerge from our emotional pain we are left with a stronger resilience and aptitude for emotional growth.

    Timely post.

    1. Thanks Tim. I think you’re right. From your response Tim it sounds as though this is something you’ve just experienced for yourself.

      I also believe we can emerge from our emotional pain with a stronger resilience; but that very much depends on ones outlook. Some of us will find it easier than others to bounce back.

  4. I love this! This is a lesson of life 10 1. Whenever my kids are stressed about something we think is small, but to them is of course big, we talk about it; come up with solutions and ideas on how to handle it.

    I tell them life is full of stress and problems that we have to learn from always. You can’t ever give up!

    1. Yes I totally agree. Thanks Bonnie. I tend to work on the assumption that ‘for every problem there is a solution.’ And that gets me by!

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