Life should reflect truth

Growing up, not understanding what I could physically see or what that meant, meant life would become a struggle.

Easy would be a fabrication of what was my truth, but it was a life that should have reflected truth, honesty and understanding around what I was dealing with. Through years of piecing everything together, I now understand that life.

But no matter what, we all deserve to know the truth, without having to go through the emotional strife to sit with our truth. Even if we may not outwardly admit it, we’re all human it’s what being human means, it should be instinctive.

Truth refers to the reality we live in. It is an indisputable fact. It’s part of what the universe expects. In any case, it is important to know and live with truth. With truth we have peace of mind, we can bring closure. Without truth we have nothing.

Truth is the backbone to just about everything. The world doesn’t function well without truth and individually, we will struggle to function without ‘truth.’

22 Aug, 2021

4 thoughts on “Life should reflect truth

  1. Yes. Truth isn’t something I grew up with, so it’s no wonder it took me so long to figure out what my own truth is.

    My truth is I am actually very smart and very good at what I like to call adaptive engineering, which means making things work with what tools you already have to hand.

    I feel, far too many people base their lives on what other people tell them is supposed to be their truth. I’m finally coming to understand what my truth is. That it’s okay to not to live my life based on other people’s truths.

    1. Sounds good Randy. I agree with you, it’s okay not to live your life based on other people’s truths.

      If the shoe was on the other foot, others would choose to live their lives through their own truth and that’s the way it should be.

      If we all lived by our own truths, imagine how much better we and the world would be.

  2. Life should reflect the truth you’re right. Trust is the foundation of all relationships, as you say it is the backbone to everything.

    I can’t imagine a society where we did not expect the truth, everything we know would break down. Unfortunately we are surrounded by mis-truths, I am being polite here.

    Everyone deserves to know and have the truth, however hard that may be.

    1. Thanks. Yes, we need to have more truths than non-truths and as you point out we are surrounded by mis-truths.

      Life can never work out when this happens. It is down to each of us to change.

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