Life’s complications

I personally don’t believe life is complicated, I believe we make life more complicated than it has to be.

We literally complicate our lives instead of simplifying what we do or choose to have in it. We complicate matters further by making our issues and problems worse than they really are and choose not to downsize on what we have or own in our lives.

Simplicity is key. With simplicity, we’ll reduce on stress and learn to relax more. We live in a world surrounded by rules and technology and are expected to use both. That’s fine to some extent, but we’ll always complicate matters when we’re living by someone else’s rules and not our own.

We complicate our lives by wanting more, having to compete when the only one we should be competing with is ourself, if we have to compete at all. We complicate issues further, by making our issues more complex, instead of trying to cut them down to size and letting go. We often hold grudges on what people say and take offence too quickly sometimes, instead of being insightful so that we get to see the bigger picture.

We fail to teach our children even the basics. School, our environment and other people’s influences often get in the way of our own teachings. It’s the old-fashioned values that teach us how to simplify our lives. Teach your children about honesty, respect, loyalty, integrity and self-control and they will begin to perceive and live their lives without the complications.

We need to learn how to care more; we need to learn how to have more compassion more and we need to learn how to be kind. All of these attributes I believe will make our lives less complicated.

25 Oct, 2012

2 thoughts on “Life’s complications

  1. I agree. We do complicate our own lives. Especially by wanting more and more, when we have so much that we have clutter we get totally stressed out and then want more!!! Downsizing and simplifying is the zen way to go and it’s more comfortable that way.

    I do think we fail our children by not teaching them the simple things that only we can teach right. If they learn from the world it will make their lives complicated and we need to live by our expectations not the world’s.

    People would be a lot happier if they lived that way instead of trying to live by others expectations.

    1. I agree Lisa that teaching our children has to come from us first, but the world also is a great outlet for learning too, but in different ways. The world teaches us about conflict, about other people’s struggles, which will differ from our own struggles.

      I believe there has to be a balance in children’s lives and starting with the basics is always a good place to start. The trouble is parents tend to want to give their children more than they had as children and although in some ways that’s not altogether bad because they won’t struggle as much, in other ways they won’t always learn.

      The world can be complicated, you’re right, but it usually comes from the way we perceive the world. We need to simplify our thoughts on that.

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