Light relief

It has taken two and a half years for me to get to here. There have been times where it’s been so difficult for me to see a corner, let alone turn one, but for the first time today, I am finding a resolve on one or two issues and I’m beginning to see things more clearly.

Some of the other issues still haven’t been fully resolved, but today we are celebrating. Claudia is home from her holiday and now has four amazing AS results to go back into school with in September.

She is ready to start her last year of school before she embarks on her university choices and what will be a new life. My day couldn’t get any better. I’m literally on cloud 9.

17 Aug, 2012

10 thoughts on “Light relief

  1. Congratulations! It sounds like she’s doing very well for herself and I’m sure she’s just as thrilled as you.

    Hopefully things will continue looking up for you!

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