Look for the silver lining

I often take time to reflect on my experiences and know these experiences were always meant for me, but it’s not okay for those responsible to think it’s okay.

No one should be subjected to neglect or abuse, but I believe there is a silver lining to our experiences. There is a message, a lesson that through each experience, we can come through stronger, more rounded individuals.

I have always chosen to look at my experiences through a positive lens, even if it’s been negative. The neglect and the lack of emotional support was there, but the silver lining is that without all of those experiences, I couldn’t do what I do with my writing, or with my Diary.

We need to stop looking at everything that doesn’t work out as something totally negative, and instead look to see what we can take from it, so that we are able to put a positive slant on our experiences.

Us putting a ‘positive slant’ on a negative experience is sending a message to the universe that we understand, that it wasn’t acceptable, but we’re okay.

4 Aug, 2018

4 thoughts on “Look for the silver lining

  1. I find myself very angry this morning. I’m having a hard time finding the silver lining in my life right now. My life feels pretty much like a nightmare, day after day of the same old thing and I can’t seem to find the strength to just walk away, like people keep telling me to do.

    Why is it that I choose to stay with a woman who treats me like a retarded slave, who should follow her orders and gets angry when I don’t?

    There isn’t much of a silver lining, other than her choosing to get newer cars, which I’m sure she won’t let go of one of them willingly.

    The only silver lining I can see is that my credit has gotten better so that I do have something to work with for a change which will help me to survive without her and her toxic love.

    1. Thanks Randy. I hope you feel better soon.

      Yes, every situation or circumstance has a silver lining. I know it’s difficult to think there is one, given our circumstances sometimes, but there really is.

      The silver lining comes about through positive thinking. The way we choose to something even through the negativity.

      You’ve found your own silver lining in the scenario with your girlfriend. Although spending too much is often negative, you’ve seen a positive side to that. That is your silver lining.

      I think if we were to think about or look through each situation closely enough, we would find something.

  2. There’s a positive slant to almost everything, if we transmit that signal to ourselves; that’s the only way to keep our minds out of prison.

    1. Thanks Tim. When you say, ‘there’s a positive slant to almost everything,’ I believe so too. But when you’re living the nightmare, it’s not always easy to see the positive through the negative.

      It’s usually only when we look back that we see a 3d picture. But as you say we must transmit that signal to ourselves if we are to see the positive slant on our circumstances.

      To keep our minds healthy we must continue to put a positive slant on our circumstances.

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