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Today is a brighter day, dull outside but brighter inside. There’s a little bit of everything in today’s blog. A few blogs back, I wrote about weight issues and problems relating to reflux that I’ve had for many years. I am concerned, but not unduly worried about what long term repercussions I may have now on losing weight or not gaining weight.

Because I deal with different things on a daily basis and stress seems to be coming in from those things, I cannot help but turn my thoughts to what I have been through this year and given the fact that we will soon be moving into another new year, I’m looking at the tough times my children have been through and wonder whether next year will be better for them.

I have written blogs about their struggles, but what I draw from them every time, is the inspirational qualities they possess. Through adversity they have managed so far to come through with their heads held high and although I try to help them work through their stuff, I know I have to let them try for themselves, even though the road is somewhat rocky.

It’s a tough world out there for any of us raising children and for our children too. As much as we would like, we cannot shield them all the time. Being assaulted in his first year away, my son has now moved on to his second year and is still working on coming to terms with his experiences. At 19 years old that was no age. Any age is hard enough, 19 is too young to have to work through those experiences.

I won’t be sad to see this year go, it’s been tough. I do, however, intend to look to 2011 with my usual optimism.

18 Dec, 2010

6 thoughts on “Looking ahead

  1. Children are very resilient, if only we were half as resilient as they are. But then we have the advantage of experience on our side as to avoid some of these situations that we end up in while in our youth.

    Looking ahead we are all one year older and one year wiser. There will surely be new and diverse situations to tackle, but we will do just that. We will make a plan and get out there and tackle them one at a time.We won’t give up and we won’t be defeated, it’s the human condition.

    Humankind has been struggling since the dawn of time and it’s our nature to keep on fighting and winning. While fighting we are learning; learning how to cope; learning how to be human.

    I think without the struggle we wouldn’t be as human.

    1. You are right Brian, children are more resilient than we are as adults, the nature of not having all those years behind them for issues to set in.

      I think that as adults we’re slightly luckier, because as you say we have a wealth of experience that helps us work through our problems. We understand our lives more, so are able to reason with our thoughts, so that we can bring about acceptance or closure on what we deal with.

      Children don’t necessarily have that, unless they have had to work through other things in their lives which has perhaps helped them understand more of what they are being presented with.

      I know my children will continue to do their best and given time hopefully things will seem slightly easier. It’s such a shame they have to come to this place so early in their lives.

  2. I think our relationships screw us up enough, inadvertently without additional harm caused by experiences like these.

    For me it is difficult to appreciate what conceivable lessons can be learned from being on the receiving end of such an experience. When people say ‘they will have to answer for their actions,’ doesn’t even register with me and even though I do understand that some people do draw comfort from it, it never works for me.

    I cannot wait to see the back of 2010 and it can’t come soon enough.

    1. Yes you are right. I believe experiences change a person and whilst it’s something we constantly have to work through, it can put extra pressure on relationships. Like you, I am also looking forward to 2011, yes it cannot come soon enough!

  3. I’m glad you’re looking forward. I am too, as we have been having a lot of stress this year. Hopefully 2011 will be a lot better for all of us.

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