Lots going on

I have usually put a feature page on the site by now and that was my intention, but so much is happening in my personal life; I’ve continued to blog. I promise tomorrow’s blog will be a feature.

Every way which way I turn I have problems glaring back at me. I don’t see any way out from having to deal with them. They say things come in 3’s. I now have three things that are all pretty big that I’m dealing with that need my attention.

Up until my mum was taken ill, nothing much was happening in our lives. Our lives were happily ticking over. Now I’m looking at more uncertainty, based around my mum’s illness. Illness for some makes us stronger, for some of us it makes us weaker as we try to cope with its enormity. As a child I was often frightened by illness.

Perhaps it’s a child’s perception thing, we’re scared to lose what we have. I manage to perceive illness differently now, when someone tells me they’re ill and that’s what I need to deal with, I get on with it.

I would like positive things to happen for a change, instead of having to look at negative situations all the time. In the meantime I will continue to look at what I am dealing with in a positive light.

21 Oct, 2011

6 thoughts on “Lots going on

  1. Illness with a family member does create a lot of stress. Try to take it one day at a time.

    It’s good to have someone who can support you and help you through this. That is how I survived my mother’s illness without going off the deep end.

    1. You’re right. Support is the key for any family whose loved one is facing illness of any kind.

      Thanks for posting Randy.

  2. Glad you’re staying positive. Sometimes that’s all we can do. I hope things turn for the better soon.

    You’re in my thoughts.

  3. Sorry to hear that so much is going on for you. Hopefully things will get better once you know exactly what is going on.

    Try to have a Great Weekend!

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