Maintaining my health

Most of us will work on our health as a precautionary measure so that we don’t get ill.  It’s a constant battle but I have constantly work on my health so that I make sure I stay well.

My health isn’t and has never been just a precautionary measure. I continually need to maintain my health now so that I don’t get ill later. If I didn’t maintain my health, I’d be dealing with daily chronic health issues.

Sometimes it’s hard just to keep that going.

25 Nov, 2015

4 thoughts on “Maintaining my health

  1. It’s great you are making a conscious effort to maintain healthy, even though it requires constant attention.

    In my case, I struggle with maintaining stress levels down. Because if I don’t, it affects my appetite and mental wellness. When I get too stressed I tend to get in a depressed state.

    1. I understand you Maria, because over the years I’ve also had an incredible amount of stress too.

      Unfortunately, dealing with Cerebral Palsy and negativity, with little understanding coming from others on what we deal with, can bring about stress that can turn into depression if we don’t deal with the stress, not to mention illness.

      There comes a time though, when we have to say enough is enough. There is no quick fix on moving stress or depression away. It takes time of course, but if we can understand that what we feel is often as a result of someone else’s stress and negativity, it does make things easier.

      From my own experience, without the support, help and guidance it’s easy to feel what we feel. Sometimes we must come to be our own support. All I would say is allow yourself to feel what you feel and then deal with those feelings.

      Bring understanding into the equation on what you deal with and how you got to that place and then limit your time with the people who continue to make you feel stressed and depressed.

  2. You’re right. For most of us it’s all about being sensible with our diets, but it’s clearly not as straight forward as that for yourself and lots of others who deal daily with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy.

    Stress plays a huge important in our overall wellbeing and understanding and is a pre-requisite part of that.

    1. Thank you. Yes of course, you’re right about understanding and stress. I deal with both of those quite well. I tend to get caught out through other people’s stress, when they don’t deal with it for themselves and bring it into my domain as if it’s my problem.

      Keeping my health is a constant, because of being premature and my physical problems. Manageable in parts, but easy to get caught out. There are days where I wish my life was normal that way, then when my guard is down I struggle again.

      It’s really not worth it. I just wish some days my health were easier.

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