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Without making the link between the past and the present, lives will never change and the help we get will have little to no impact.

When we leave the past behind without understanding and then move on, history unfortunately has a point of repeating itself, because nothing changes and as a result we fail to understand, let go and move on. In order for us to make any link we need to understand.

Having to deal with very difficult circumstances, kick started me into doing something to change my life and it was then I made the link. My counselling sessions made no impact at all because I failed to understand how to make the link myself.

We also need to understand the life we have, the life we’ve lived and why and then decide if the life we’re living in the present, is the one we want to continue with or the life we want to move on from and change.

31 Dec, 2014

6 thoughts on “Make the link

  1. Yes, this does seem to be the case, which makes a lot of sense the way you have put it!

    There have been so many instances of history repeating itself in my life. I’ve made a lot of the same mistakes under similar circumstances but just with different people. It’s pretty much like the time, the loop that they talk about in sci-fi movies where they’re stuck repeating the same time period over and over.

    My biggest downfall has been trying to be the knight in shining armour, rescuing the damsel in distress, when the reality was a lot of times they didn’t want to be rescued or even help themselves.

    I’m just very tired and looking to move on before I end up becoming a bitter old man!

    1. Yes I did the same thing for many years also; I kept following the same unhappy patterns, until I eventually made the link and understood the changes I needed to make.

      I hope you’re able to move on and make that link for yourself very soon. Thanks Randy.

  2. Yes, I agree. It’s like when we have kids.

    If we want them to grow up and be different from what we did, they have to understand the mistakes and other things that happened in our life first and also be able to explain why certain things happened and the consequences that went along with the behavior.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes of course, children like adults must also understand so that they make the link for themselves. That way history doesn’t have to repeat itself.

      It’s when we don’t make links we go on to repeat our mistakes.

  3. I agree. The past is our key to the future but we cannot make those connections without first making the links as you describe.

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