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Whilst waiting to go in and see my dentist yesterday, I was reading an article on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and was just thinking how wonderful life is with the right support. It’s lovely to see how they’re putting their own mark on their lives together and how they want to live.

For those of us who haven’t had these kind of opportunities, life goes on with what we have to deal with, but I’m pleased for the Duke and Duchess of York that they’re getting to do things their way, with their families behind them.

From the beginning of their marriage, including the royal birth photographs, they have chosen not to follow protocol and have clearly got the support of their families behind them.

It’s a reflection of their more contemporary attitude to  the role of the Royal Family in society and their education, but it does show me how support adds to that and can make all the difference in the world and that makes me slightly envious.

30 Aug, 2013

4 thoughts on “Making our own mark

  1. I agree. With the right support people can do amazing things.

    I don’t think I grew up with the right support. My sister got all the support. I on the other hand was looked upon as a sick child that needed constant supervision and care. It was like I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t get career guidance or help choosing a college to go to after high school. I was on my own with that and I made several mistakes because I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

    I wasted several valuable years and it’s because I didn’t get help or encouragement deciding what to do. With the right support I probably would have started my career in nursing school instead of wasting 3 years. My father even asked if I was sure I wanted to be a nurse because he talked to someone about the career and he thought it wasn’t for me, but instead of really discussing it with me before I finished school he waited til I had already made the commitment.

    My sister on the other hand got encouragement at every level and went to a great college away from home for 5 years. I on the other hand went to a local college and stayed at home. Makes me wonder how different my life would have been if I had done the same as my sister.

    1. I don’t know about you Lisa, but reading other people’s stories about their parents in this way, makes me envious that I wasn’t afforded that life too with my own parents.

      I have pulled out the stops so that my children have what I didn’t and that helps to a certain extent, but it will never replace those initial thoughts.

      With the same input as your sister you would probably also have moved away from home, not necessarily doing the same thing. Moving away gives us a different take on how we perceive our lives. Being more independent and making our own decisions also gives us that.

      I am sure moving away Lisa will have been good for you.

  2. I understand that looking at others often makes us wish our lives had been different; been they were in different times in different circumstances.

    The best thing we can do is to learn from the past but not be stuck in it and to change the things we can. That way we can look to the future with a more positive attitude.

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