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Before I get back into my other writing, I wanted to talk about my health. Having spent a short break in London, I admit the apprehension of having to come out of my comfort zone to go, concerned me.

Having planned to go to London in April, it was always in the back of my mind that I would have to make the journey and although holidays help us cope with stress, they can also be very stressful. I managed the journey to London, but found I had to pace myself once I was there.

That seemed to work, but towards the end of the second day I was beginning to feel poorly and the train journey back made my health worse. It’s irritating because my health problems are never far away and although I manage, I will always have health problems to deal with.

In the longer term, I’m not sure how manageable that really is.

3 Jul, 2013

6 thoughts on “Managing my health

  1. Sorry you’re having these problems. Yes, holidays should be less stressful for us but those with health problems seem to have a little more stress due to us having to deal with our health no matter where we are. I guess I’m lucky in that regard, as I seem to do better when I’m away. My doctors are on board with this too. I don’t know why this is, wish I did know.

    In cases like yours, planning is the best thing, sometimes months in advance just to be able to prepare your body for the trip and then again sometimes that’s just not enough.

    I also think being very positive in our thoughts help. Put aside all the negative thoughts because negative thoughts will cause things to happen. Talk to the people you’re traveling with. Explain the situation to them but let them know you want them to enjoy themselves also.

    1. Thanks Lisa, I see where you’re coming from. All the supplements I take travel with me. I am totally prepared. Unfortunately I am constantly having to manage my health problems, whether I am at home or away.

      I agree our holidays very much depend on our medical problems are. You’re lucky that your medical problems seem to benefit when you’re on holiday. I have heard that said. Sunny climates seem to help certain health issues.

      I’m so pleased holidays work for you.

  2. Yes it can be very difficult to do anything outside of your comfort zone if it affects your health negatively.

    People often wonder why you’re not out doing more things but don’t quite grasp it’s not always that simple! I’ve been dealing with a friend who has these issues and can quite understand what he’s going through.

    I’m learning that I have to do what’s OK for me, not just what works for everyone else all the time. They don’t always like it but I have to be concerned about myself once in a while!

  3. The easiest course of action is to avoid those situations which you know contribute to you being unwell, but this really isn’t a long term answer as you have intimated.

    As your health improves generally, you may well find that you are more and more able to do the things that are problematic for you now.

    1. I’m very much hoping so. I’m working on improving my health generally and limiting the amount of stress I have in my life. Both of those should help.

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