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Long overdue, but I wanted to explain a little bit about me and my site. My site reinforces my life and my experiences. It was only at the age of 46 that I consciously made the decision to do something positive as far as my Cerebral Palsy was concerned.

I had no idea at the time what that positive was going to be, but I was writing journals away from the site, so thought a website would be the right way to go. I could continue to write my journals on a blog instead.

Everything I write I have a passion for, what you read is my life, which not only contributes to my physical health as I deal with Cerebral Palsy, but my spiritual health too. If I put strategies in place, I find I cope better. I find ways to make more positive decisions so that I can live my life more positively.

My blogs include lifestyle choice that can be made by anyone, whether we have the knowledge or not. I must admit that as a child growing up I never thought about Diet or Nutrition or health. Instead I relied on my parents’ choices and assumed that if they gave me something, it was because they believed those choices to be right.

Now I can incorporate what I know through my studies and write about them here on the site. The site has surpassed my expectations and with all the help from my friends who respond on the site, hopefully the site will continue to go from strength to strength. For those who also read my blogs, thank you.

29 Oct, 2010

6 thoughts on “Me and my site

  1. I think you’re doing wonderfully with your site and it’s great that it helps you just as it helps others. I said before it helps me tremendously. You’re very intelligent and I am very proud to have you as a friend. I’m also proud of you. Your accomplishments with this site and other things are wonderful. Always Lisa

  2. It’s a pleasure reading and responding to your journals. I now find so many ways in which it helps me to better care for myself. I didn’t concern myself with any of these types of self discoveries until a while ago and in doing so my life has been enriched. With what I deal with it has been a journey, some of which we have spoken about. A journey that has led to a much more fulfilling life. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for giving me a place to come. It’s nice to read a blog about another person’s life. Keep in touch, Kati

    1. No Kati, I must thank you for coming to the site. I feel you will have lots more to contribute. It’s nice that we are friends and are a support for one another.

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