Mindful awareness

Being mindful is less about technique and more about our willingness to be aware, aware of what’s going on around us at any given moment.

It’s something we can incorporate successfully into our lives by simply paying attention to our daily activities as we’re doing them and staying present.

Staying present helps us cut down on feeling low and in some cases feelings that can lead to depression, both of which can be associated with us mentally living in the past, with experiences we can’t let go of.

15 Mar, 2016

10 thoughts on “Mindful awareness

  1. I like the idea of mindfulness; becoming more aware of what we are thinking and doing and what’s going on in our mind and body.

    I’m not sure I will ever achieve it; but it would be nice to take time out every once in a while to take stock and re-calibrate.

    1. I believe it’s a necessity to be mindful. Being mindful not only helps us emotionally growth, but forms part of a healthier lifestyle.

      Being mindful helps us stay focused on the things that matter. I couldn’t live without it in my life now, but agree that even if it’s not something that comes easy, it’s still important to re-calibrate; take stock of where we are with things.

  2. Yes, being mindful can be very helpful to keep you grounded in the present! It’s something I should work on every day, since I tend to get mired in my pity pot, when memories crop up from the past.

    The most frustrating part, is that it doesn’t take a lot to trigger those emotions. Just a dream and event, even something someone says or the way they talk to their children, can send me on such a downward spiral. People actually seem to think that we choose to be this way, but years of abuse, neglect and trauma would make anyone rather screwed up!

    There are so many memories that I wish I could just forget but I was blessed/cursed with a fantastic long term memory that could have been useful in a normal life. Alas, that wasn’t meant to be, so now I have to deal with what I have to work with.

    Thanks to many head injuries and beatings I received as a child, I’m lucky if I can remember what I had for breakfast! I’m finally going to have a neuro-psychological evaluation to see how bad things really are, so people will finally believe me.

    Mindfulness was one of the subjects in DBT which I should put into practice every morning to ground myself in today. I watched my parents wallowing in their pity pots and stuck in the past for their whole lives which we had to suffer through. They never really acknowledged their issues and the damage it caused us, but blamed it on each other!

    My Mother has succumbed to dementia already and my Father is headed that way, so closure won’t really ever happen. I can’t dwell on it like I used to, but it doesn’t mean that it lessens the sting.

    My biggest fear now is that I may develop Parkinson’s and/or dementia early on as both seem to run in my family. I have had several instances of twitches in my hands and feet recently, which I will have to mention to my doctor in a few days when I see her.

    It will be even more important to stay grounded in today if this develops as it always ends very badly! People so often don’t appreciate the day that they have, which they really should considering how quickly things can change.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes it’s important to stay grounded in today. Given your background, it would be in your best interest to try to stay mindful, for us all to try to stay mindful.

      With the bad memories you speak of, like you I’m also not sure I’d want to remember them, but understand it’s not so easy to let go. I think to a certain degree we contribute to our physical issues because we choose the lesser lifestyle.

      Being mindful helps us stay focused on the things that matter and that contributes to our wellness.

  3. It may not be advantageous to be aware of too much, because we may get a glimpse into things we shouldn’t see. But my desire for awareness does include everything that is germane to my survival.

    1. Thanks Tim. This is a difficult one. There are probably two ways to look at this.

      My own thinking is that I’d rather see what I don’t want to see because it’s what I’m probably supposed to see and that’s why it’s there. I also think certain things are there for our emotional growth.

      Being mindful and living in the moment allows us to do just that. Being mindful ADDS to my survival. It’s something I work on daily.

  4. I believe being mindful is so important! It’s something I wish the rest of the world would catch on to and those that do wish for more awareness, not to be hypocritical about it, as I’ve met some people that are.

    It’s important for us to connect, not just as people but as souls, because I believe it would heal us more if we were to be aware and compassionate for those that struggle.

  5. Very true Ilana To your last response! I think we all tend to ignore things and situations we don’t want to see. I think it’s a natural defense mechanism. I do it quite a bit myself.

    We’re all here fighting our own battles. If the world would come together and support one another with encouragement and love, that would he a blessing!

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes, I believe it would be too. It would certainly make for a more stress free life. Something we should all be trying to aim for.

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