Monday morning thoughts

The last week has been such a tough week. This week is no better. Due to an unscrupulous joiner we have had to bring in another decking company to sort out a new decking and working through that has been stressful.

That will be sorted out today hopefully, but we’re still working on other things in the house, long overdue and which again has been causing stress. Just to change the subject, one thought came to mind this week, about my health that is never away far from my thoughts.

Both of my parents struggled with respiratory problems, near to the end of their lives and although they had never struggled with those problems before, it saddens me that I’ve been dealing with some of the same symptoms for all these years. This is the most likely scenario for anyone who is born prematurely but Cerebral Palsy limits my ability to recover quicker.

17 Jun, 2013

4 thoughts on “Monday morning thoughts

  1. You’re absolutely right about respiratory problems and prematurity. Most people born prematurely have respiratory problems because the lungs are close to the last organ to fully develop and if born prematurely the lungs don’t have the needed time to develop completely, so respiratory problems become part of their lives. Having CP also goes along with the lung problems as does heredity.

    My grandparents on my mom’s side had Emphysema. My grandfather smoked a long time but my grandmother never smoked in her life and had Emphysema. And it’s possible that my sister and I could inherit the problem from them.

    I hope this week is better for you and you get the deck problems cleared up today. I also hope you feel better this week and just have a good week in general!!

  2. That’s a really helpful explanation, Lisa of prematurity and respiratory problems. I agree that passive smoking is a worry. My father smoked around us all when we were growing up until I left home at 18.

    Hopefully the rest of the week will be better than the start!

    1. Yes Lisa’s explanation of my respiratory problems is very helpful. I’m quietly optimistic that my week will get better.

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