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It’s very sad when someone emotionally lives without any regard for anyone else, but themselves.

There is always a reason but that doesn’t make it any easier for those around them. I like many others cannot always change things and would want things to be different, but know they never will be. My life isn’t how I have chosen it to be.

I have been moved to the sidelines until my circumstances change, I’m not sure they will now; but we should never say never.

20 Nov, 2012

4 thoughts on “More change

  1. It is sad when others only care about themselves and not others. This world would be a terrible place if others didn’t care. It would be so sad.

    unfortunately with the way things are progressing with technology, we have forgotten how to care. We’re too busy with everything else to care about others. I know there are a few people out there who do care about others. I care about others and so do you. That’s what makes us, us.

    Caring for others gives us meaning and makes us feel good. Where would we be if we didn’t care?

    1. Working through the assault with my family in the last two years, I have seen the other side where people really don’t care, but that said I know there are people who do care, some who care and don’t know how to show they care and others who care but are hurting so much they cannot care.

      I think to change is hard, there will always be resistance to change, but we have to change or what chance do we have to make a difference with each other?

      Technology is an excuse not to have to do these things. We rely on technology to put our world right instead of putting other people’s worlds right and our own.

      It can be done, because I’ve done it… so I know it works. We just have to want to change and care for others.

  2. I have the same problem that you do. I have found myself shutting down just to survive and not reacting just to stay sane.

    If I ever let myself go and said what was really on my mind the other person would get such a blast. If I let that happen I surely would say something I did not mean in the end and it would forever damage the relationship that is left.

    My late mother did a lot to save the peace in the household. I am now doing the same as her. No choice. If I didn’t there would be out and war.

    1. It’s difficult, but sometimes we just have to do what’s right for us in the end regardless of other people. Given my life and my experiences that is what I have chosen to do.

      Everyone has a tight to be happy. If that means changing certain areas, then that’s what we have to do, unless of course we reach an understanding with the person we’re having difficulty with.

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