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Over the last few months I’ve been working on my health issues, having various tests and working on diets that fit in with what I’m dealing with.

I have now found out that I have Dysbiosis, fungus/yeast and pathogenic bacteria in my gut, known as Candida. The tests have also confirmed I am low on a particular B vitamin and Serotonin. Dealing with IBS, reflux, digestion problems and now Candida, means I have to condense three diets to fit one.

This is not an easy task. I have also had to adjust my supplements again because they weren’t working. It would be lovely one day just to wake up and not have to concern myself with all of this. It’s incredibly hard.

24 May, 2013

8 thoughts on “More health concerns

  1. I’m glad you found out this information.

    Now you know what your dealing with and can take care of it. I wish I had the determination you have to take hold of my health. I know all the down sides of poor health and am working on getting it straightened out, but I still have difficulty sticking to certain things. I can work on my son’s diet well but can’t do my own. They say nurses are the worse patients and I am one that proves this to be right.

    I hope you get things straightened out soon and can have a more normal life as far as your health is concerned.

    1. I think you’re right Lisa, anyone in the medical profession has this problem, doctors are the same!

      I feel better for knowing but still have problems working it all out because my problems are based on everything to do with digestion and without having a healthy digestion, it’s really hard to function normally.

      I’m not giving up. I will just find ways to try to put my health right. I hope you manage to sort yourself out too!!

  2. Now I hope you find what works for you. You have been battling with this for a long time. Don’t give up. You will find the answers to help you beat this. Just hang in there.

    I know you will give it everything you have. You always do that with everything in your life. This should be no different. Good Luck.

  3. I agree with Lisa.

    It is so important to find out exactly what the problem is, so that you take steps to address it. These recent findings go some way to explaining why previous efforts have not proved entirely successful.

    You can use this information now to move forward and hopefully improve your health. If anyone can do it, you can!

  4. Ilana, you are an incredibly strong individual. I have no doubt, you will wake up one day with many of your health issues behind you.

    So many people care.

    1. Thanks Tim! I really do hope that one day many of my health issues will be behind me. It would be lovely not to have to constantly deal with my health issues all the time.

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